Hot! World-renowned Chef Mauro Colagreco to Open New Italian Concept at Capella Singapore


Mark your calendars as Capella Singapore will soon host world-renowned Chef Mauro Colagreco newest concept FIAMMA, which stands for flame in Italian.

The highly anticipated restaurant builds upon the inspiration of Chef Mauro watching his grandmother cook during his younger days, coupled with his burning passion for cooking that is akin to the flame of a fire.

FIAMMA is a salute to the heritage and spirit of Italian family cuisine, weaving culinary tradition with a passion for open flame cooking, masterful craftsmanship and a consciousness for fresh produce.

Honouring simplicity, evoking emotion and rekindling warmth are the three main pillars of FIAMMA, which promises to provide a refreshing take on authentic, traditional Italian cuisine in a place of warm familiarity and timeless charm. In a time when restaurants are reshaping luxury through a return to simplicity, Chef Mauro envisions a sincere, convivial and down-to-earth space where people can savour life through collective experiences and memories, bonded together over hearty flavours at the table.

“I’m really excited to collaborate with Capella Hotels with the opening of FIAMMA in Capella Singapore! This new venture has been imaged by my life’s influences, from being inspired by the nature in life to my joy of sharing what makes the essence of the restaurant: Bringing the flame of people together, generosity and the simple joys of providing authentic hospitality,” shares Chef Mauro Colagreco.

“Growing up in Colagreco’s family, the appreciation for fine Italian cuisine and its essence was integral in our daily life,” adds the Chef.

Inspired by the energy and vibrant atmosphere of an Italian family kitchen, the menu at FIAMMA breathes new life into the flavours and textures of timeless heritage. Each dish is a celebration of the seasonal beauty of nature’s gifts and the wonders of cooking simply with fresh, well-sourced ingredients to evoke curiosity for the humble luxury of Italian cuisine. Capella Singapore’s herbs garden is poised to be one of the most direct sources of such fresh ingredients with its myriad of herbs; it will be perfectly in step with Chef Mauro’s penchant for painting nature’s vitality on a plate.

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