Hot! Yakiniku-GO Has Delicious Meat Sets for A Cosy and Casual Grilled Meat Experience

YNG Yakiniku Go Set

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

RE&S’s latest concept Yakiniku-GO is an affordable grilled meat restaurant in the North-East side, with quality meat sets from beef to lamb and chicken, and even seafood. The only thing you won’t be able to find here is pork.

The 56-seater restaurant is built with an afterthought for COVID-restrictions, with staggered seating of up to 8 pax and an online ordering system through a unique QR code tied to your individual table. The grills use induction heat instead of the traditional charcoal grill, so you won’t have any of that smoky smell hanging around.

Find the highlights of the meat repertoire curated by the Japanese head chef in the signature Yakiniku-GO set, which comes with gyu tan (beef tongue), beef short plate, angus ribeye steak. The angus ribeye steak comes marinade in a sweet sauce, and the thick chunky slices are full of flavour. Gyu tan (beef tongue) is not very common in Singapore, but is starting to become popular for its strong and tough texture. Surprisingly, the gyu tan here wasn’t too tough, and was sliced thin enough to cook quickly and thick enough to get that deep flavour.

Popular set meals include the Double Karubi Set, Jyo Karubi & Kainomi Set, and the Wagyu Tokujou Karubi Set. I liked how the sets are catered for a single person, and you can easily come in and order a set for a comforting meal all by youself. The sets comes with a selection of meat, rice, soup and kimchi.

There’s even a DIY Niku Sushi Set, where you can make your own grilled meat sushi. The set comes with meat, vinegared rice, seaweed wrap and garnish.


But the real showstopper is in Yakiniku-GO’s marinades and dipping sauces. Besides the classic House Special Yakiniku Tare and a Spciy Yakiniku Tare, there’s also a refreshing Negi Shio Tare that goes really well with grilled beef. The citrusy sauce is mixed with fresh Japanese leek, lemon, lime. Yuzu, and orange that gives the meaty slices an appetising kick.

Other than the set meals, you can also the order the meats ala carte from S$2.80 if you know how to pick your meats. The Jyo-karubi is the boneless short rib of the cow, and it excited me with its gorgeous marbling. Other cuts of meat to try include the Harami (beef skirt with strong flavours and a chewy texture), Kainomi (the chuck short rib that borders between lean meat and fat for those who like the fatty flavours of meat but not the texture), and the Ribeye.

YNG-Meat Selections

There’s also a mini-seafood platter, the Seafood Hoiru Yaki, that comes with fresh prawns, scallops and squid in a umami broth of garlic and butter. Best eaten with rice, leave the umami broth to soak in the prawn taste from the prawn heads.

Sides like edamame, veggie platter with see potato, corn and mushrooms, lettuce for wraps, and the all-time favourite chawanmushi is also available to enjoy the full Japanese BBQ experience. Together with the affordable prices, the quality of the meat cuts and delicious food made me look forward to my next meal here!

While Yakiniku-GO is not halal-certified yet (but they are working towards it!), there is no pork in the restaurant. Besides dining in, takeaway bentos from S$9.80 with gyu tan, angus ribeye steak, or jyo karubi comes with rice, kimchi, and edamame for people who are craving some meat on the go.

Yakiniku-GO at The Seletar Mall
#01-49/50/51/52/53, 33 Sengkang West Avenue, Singapore 797653
Open daily from 11am to 10pm (last order 9.15pm)

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