Hot! REVIEW: The Secret, Jay Chou’s Jukebox Musical: A Romantic Time Travel Tale

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CONTENT: Yeo Terence
IMAGES: Base Entertainment Asia

It has been 10 years since Mandopop icon, Jay Chou’s movie, Secret < <不能说的秘密>> was released, and the all-new musical theatre rendition of The Secret stays true to the flim’s original storyline. Presented by Base Entertainment Asia and Perfect World Pictures, The Secret is a time travel tale of a student and piano major, Xianglun, and his beautiful and mysterious schoolmate, Xiaoyu. A beautiful romantic love story unfolds as the secret that connects them is revealed.

The original movie, Secret (2007) was Jay Chou’s directorial debut that was a box office hit and had won the Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year, Best Original Song and Best Visual Effects at the 44th Golden Horse Award. It is the first Asian film production that has been deemed adaptable by the Broadway team.

The Secret

Despite it being a Taiwanese original film, the Broadway creative team comprising of Tony Award-winning director, John Rando and famous American scriptwriter Marc Acito have added their own touch; by inventing new secrets using props and a set based on the movie’s design. It also present a technological feat via special effects by re-creating a stunning travel through time and space.

The musical is the first of its kind Chinese production to harness the power of pop music in a Broadway, jukebox musical format that features popular Jay Chou songs including Clear Stars < <星晴>>, Simple Love < <简单爱>>, Rooftop < <屋顶>>, The Fragrance of Rice < <稻香>>, Nocturnes < <夜曲>>, Fine Day < <晴天>> and Dandelion’s Promise < <蒲公英的约定>>. In addition, unexpected new comedic plots that involve large scale production numbers and Broadway dance arrangement includes songs such as Sailors Afraid of Water < <水手怕水>> and Cowboy is Very Busy < <牛仔很忙>>.

Surprising twists coupled with perfect transitions between plot and music will leave audience, both young and old, laughing, crying and singing. It’s a heart-warming musical not to be missed!

The Secret runs till 15th April 2018 at the Sands Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands. Get your tickets now via or

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