SUPER Launches New Brand Identity And A New Zero Sugar Added Coffee

Zero Sugar

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

First introduced in 1987, homegrown brand SUPER rebrands their identity and logo with an updated version of the iconic laurels! Their new logo also comes with a revamped packaging that will be rolled out across their beverages.

In conjunction with the unveiling of SUPER’s new brand identity are new drinks! Joining the extensive range of coffee variants is the Zero Sugar 2-in-1 Coffee, a smooth and aromatic coffee even without the sweetness of sugar. For those who prefer their coffees on the bitter side or just want to cut down on sugar, this coffee is a healthier alternative that still keeps the signature SUPER brew.

The complete range of regular SUPER coffee includes the Original 3-In-1 Coffee, a thicker and creamier Rich 3-in-1 Coffee, and Less Sugar 3-in-1 Coffee. The SUPER coffee comes in individual sachet packets that are convenient. Their signature Original 3-in-1 coffee is a carefully balanced blend of robust coffee, sugar, and creamer for that morning kopi.

White Coffee Range

SUPER also has a White Coffee range with more flavours for a tastier drink. Other than the White Coffee Classic, there’s also a nuttier White Coffee Hazelnut, the White Coffee Brown Sugar for a sweeter, toffee-like notes in the coffee, and the creamy White Coffee 2-in-1 with creamer.

As part of their launch campaign, Singaporeans can get a taste of SUPER’s new coffee by visiting the link . Over 130,000 sampling kits are up for grabs, and will sent directly to your doorstep.

Other than coffee, SUPER will also be rolling out new and upgraded variants for their tea and cereal beverages.

SUPER is available in supermarkets, grocery stores, and online retailers and channels. In December 2020, pop-up booths will make a tour in leading supermarkets with tasting booths and special promotions. Look out for their Grab Food promotion, where you’ll receive a $5 Grab Food voucher with every 2 packs purchased.

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