Hot! Moncler and JW Anderson Present An Exhibition In A Box


Moncler and JW Anderson present an Exhibition in a Box; 500 limited edition curated archive cases conceived to spark creativity and individual expression to celebrate the debut of the 1 Moncler JW Anderson collection.

With limited cultural gatherings, curator of the now Jonathan Anderson thought of a way to bring the art to you. In a bid to replicate the energy of his presentation for Moncler Genius back in February, the Northern Irish designer and latest addition to the Moncler Genius roster has created an Exhibition in a Box to unpack, hang and appreciate within the comfort of your own home.

The box contained a personal message from the designer explaining the concept and his long-term collaborator

Tyler Mitchell: “I am happy to share with you the culmination of my Moncler Genius collection: a piece you can interact with at home while we’re still struggling to find ways to spend time together. Hope you enjoy this Exhibition in a Box with the incredible images from Tyler Mitchell.”


Anderson worked with Mitchell to create the micro-showcase, which contains photographs the duo shot of the collection in the English countryside this summer. The New-York based photographer first found common ground with the designer discussing art, so the installation was a project that was fresh and exciting for both.

The art is presented in an archive box, traditionally used for storing important documents and records. It contains a padded folder containing prints of different sizes, with letter-pressed instruction cards and guidance on how to hang the exhibition in your home. The visual nature of the box allows the recipient to play, touch, and interact with the collection, as their creativity guides them. An exploration into replacing the collective experience of fashion shows with the opportunity to create a uniquely curated perspective for your own personal space.

1 Moncler JW Anderson collection is now available in flagship stores across the globe including Singapore and online 

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