Hot! Alamayah: A Boutique Retreat Hotel in Sumba, Indonesia Opens this April


Set to open in April 2020, Alamayah is a five-star all-inclusive boutique retreat hotel born from the essence of the words ‘mayah,’ meaning grandmother and ‘alam,’ meaning nature. The thoughtfully designed villa is tucked away in a jungle beachside village in Sumba, home to one of the last flourishing prehistoric tribes on earth.

A harmonious blend of opulence and nature, Alamayah offers a holistic holiday retreat where each guest is cared for with heartfelt hospitality. This remote retreat hotel features six private suites, a wellness spa, a fitness center including rooftop yoga, entertainment rooms, blooming gardens, as well as a plant-based restaurant.

The Alamayah experience begins with a breathtaking journey from Sumba’s Tambolaka Airport, a two-hour drive over rocky mountain summits, through lush teak and mahogany forests, past waterfalls, rice fields, and river valleys before reaching Alamayah in the beachside village of Kerewe. Located on the south-western side of Sumba, Alamayah’s surrounding landscape offers an abundance of gifts to travelers searching for a raw and undisturbed destination. Beyond the pristine beaches, visitors can discover the beauty of untouched waterfalls, sparkling mangroves, ambient caves, secret lakes and lagoons.


Each of the luxury suites offers a comfortable refuge, with king-sized beds dressed in pure cotton linen, outdoor terraces with magnificent views of the surrounding beaches and jungles, private dining areas, workspaces, en-suite bathrooms and walk-in showers. Every guest is treated to an all-inclusive experience that includes a healer’s body analysis, three plant-based meals per day, Medicinal Mixology, daily massage treatments and more.

From the therapeutic botanicals incorporated in all products to the uplifting Schumann resonance of the music played throughout the spaces, Alamayah has curated every detail for an environment that enlivens. Elevating the experience further, Alamayah has collaborated with a team of physicists and chemists to create five therapeutic essential oil blends to target and heal the most common human ailments. Ranging from the signature Thrive blend, an all-encompassing oil that nourishes the body, mind and soul, to more specialized blends such as Fulfil and Awaken, guests can enjoy natural and safe therapies for any potential health concerns.


With a fully customizable schedule, guests may opt into activities such as yoga, sound healing, surfing, mountain biking, guided jungle treks, art therapy and more at their leisure throughout their stay. Alamayah’s skilled specialists are available to arrange a flexible daily flow, freeing guests from the mental load of planning and allowing them to surrender completely to the Alamayah experience.

Understanding that mental health is directly related to gut health, Alamayah offers Conscious Cuisine, a farm-to-table menu embodying health and sustainability both ethically and environmentally. The eclectic culinary creations showcase foraged ingredients indigenous to Sumba, integrating herbs, fruits, vegetables and edible flowers grown by local farmers in neighboring plantations and Alamayah’s organic permaculture gardens. Inspired by apothecary potions, guests can also indulge in a plethora of homemade elixirs, foraged garnishes and top-shelf liqueurs in Medicinal Mixology cocktails and mocktails. Drawing from ancient root, flower and herbal remedies, Alamayah’s team has created drinks with the purpose of ultimate health and wellbeing.


For those seeking an even more intimate experience, visitors and retreat organizers may consider booking out the full Alamayah property for a private boutique retreat experience. Suitable for families, events and hosted retreats, enjoy Alamayah in the form of a fully serviced private villa.

Alamayah is available for bookings from 2 April 2020 via: or via email: or call: +62 859-3615-2893.

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