Hot! Don Melchor Launches The 2015 Vintage in Singapore

Don Melchor 2015

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Exceptional in its quality and perfect in terms of flavour; the 2015 vintage is one of the best expressions of Don Melchor that head winemaker Enrique Tirado has ever seen.

For nearly three decades, Chile’s most iconic wine has called the Puente Alto terroir in the Alto Maipo Valley, home. The exceptional conditions for growing Cabernet Sauvignon at the foot of the Andes Mountains has been integral in shaping Don Melchor’s character and distinctive style. Today, Don Melchor, the benchmark of Chilean fine wine, celebrates 29 years of excellence with its release of the 2015 Vintage.

Arguably one of the finest vintages in the Don Melchor line, the 2015 showcases unprecedented synergy between the soil, climate, and vineyard. Clement temperatures and well timed rainfall enabled good balance in the vines and particularly even ripening in the bunches. Each of the seven areas in the vineyard strongly expressed the flavours, aromas, and personality of the fantastic Puente Alto terroir to deliver greater complexity and expression in the final wines. The 2015 Vintage consists of 92% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cabernet Franc, and, for the first time in the history of Don Melchor, 1% Petit Verdot.

Don Melchor

Winemaker Isabel Mitarakis Guilisasti hosted an intimate lunch in Singapore that took place at Luka restaurant in Tanjong Pagar to not only celebrate the 2015 Vintage, but also to commemorate both the 2012 and 2014 Vintages. As a member of the founding Guilisasti Family, Isabel is integral in realising her grandfather’s vision. For the past six years, Isabel has worked closely alongside head winemaker Enrique Tirado first with the bottling of the 2012, and then the entire winemaking process for the 2013, 2014 and the 2015 Vintages.

The 2015 vintage has been so popular that the vintage is getting harder and harder to find as wine enthusiasts and investors buy up bottles and cases from its world wide supply of 12000 cases. Because of the long aging potential of this wine (20-25 years), it makes for a very good investment piece that could see the price of the bottle double or even triple over the next few decades. The reason as to why there are such limited bottles for the 2015 vintage is mostly due to global warming, which affects the climate in which the grapes grows in and in turn affects the quality of the wine. But fret not, as the company is currently investing and doing research in incorporating technology to protect the grapes from the effects of global warming in order to produce the perfect variety of wine!

Don Melchor 2015

Tasting notes: Deep cherry red in colour, the wine has a very balanced yet light flavour that does not overwhelm the palate. The first nosing of the wine will reveal subtle hints of fruits and smoky scents, similar to smoking wood in an oven. The wine has a fine and delicate texture and has a very intense deep finish that doesn’t leave a lingering burn but dominates the palate for a few minutes.

Food Pairing: Red meats (beef and lamb) and game in different preparations, such as roasts, stews or braises with red wine, mushrooms, rosemary and tomatoes. Also pairs very well with assorted terrines, cold cuts and aged, dried or creamy cow’s or goat’s milk cheese.

With the release of its 2015 vintage, Don Melchor celebrates its 29th anniversary and continues to be Chile’s great icon Cabernet Sauvignon from the famous Puente Alto terroir.

The Don Melchor line is available at leading stockists and retailers, prices vary on availability of bottles. (Approximately starting from S$150 per bottle)

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