Sunday Champagne Brunch At Kwee Zeen: Extravagant Brunch With A View Of Mother Nature

The Ultimate Sunday Champagne Brunch

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

For some of us, brunch is the only reason why we bother to wake up early during the weekends to catch up with our friends for an hour-long session of bottomless glasses of booze and scrumptious food being served on the table. That being said, there are countless restaurants and hotels all across the island that are serving up their own unique brunch menus, but nothing beats the brunch experience at Kwee Zeen at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa.

Located in Sentosa, the trip to the island will give you a sense of being away from home- making the best out of a bad situation where travelling overseas is still a no-go due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Upon your arrival at the hotel, you will have to go through a few screening stations due to the hotel’s safety measures before being led to the restaurant. Our team had the opportunity to visit the restaurant for their Halloween-themed brunch menu that saw the entire restaurant being decked out in spooky cobwebs, skulls and other spooky decorations. The staff themselves also dressed up for the occasion, with scary masks being given out to the diners along with halloween-themed cocktails and food being served in a three-tier tower.

Currently, the restaurant has released their new Ultimate Sunday Champagne Brunch Menu that has undergone countless rounds of R&D with the restaurant’s culinary team to ensure that the food will be able to gratify their customers and leave them with a smile on their faces. The menu involves a three-tier tower that comes in either the Petit (S$158++ per tower) that can serve two to three diners or the Grandiose (S$298++ per tower) that can serve up to five diners or a small family at one setting.

Diners are advised to start with the middle tier of the tower first, filled with a wide variety of cheese and dried meats for diners who can’t start their brunch session without a tiny slice of camembert cheese or salami. The middle tier also comes with an assortment of sushi and eggs benedict that’s cooked to perfection- the rich egg yolk being runny when cut open with a knife.

The Ultimate Sunday Champagne Brunch

Moving on to the bottom tier of the tower, this tier is filled with various proteins and seafood dishes such as slow cooked satay beef, charcoal grilled spring chicken, tandoori prawn skewers, boston lobsters along with fresh oysters just to name a few.

Finally, end off the brunch experience with the top tier of sweets, which includes a hearty helping of banana pancake, burnt cheesecake, passion banana coconut tart and dark chocolate caramel tart. The brunch experience can be further enhanced with bottomless glasses of Taittinger champagne (S$68++ per diner for two hours) or with an added touch of luxury with decadent caviar (S$30++ per 30gram) on the side that will pair perfectly with the appetizers on the second tier.

During the course of your meal, you might see peacocks strutting around the hotel or the lobby which will present you a perfect camera opportunity to catch them trying to attract a mate or simply going about their daily routines. Just a word of caution- don’t get too close especially for children as they might turn aggressive and run at you if they feel threatened!

Kwee Zeen Christmas Mega Safe Brunch

Celebrating Christmas with your friends and family during December? Indulge in The Ultimate Festive Sunday Champagne Brunch (S$128++ per diner) that showcases a brunch tower filled with mainstays such as Pan Seared Scallop with Beur Noisette, crispy Pork Belly Porchetta with Mustard Sauce, and an elegant selection on the freshest bounty from the sea, savoury meat cuts, creamy cheeses and sweet treats along with free flow champagne! (S$98++ per diner)

Kwee Zeen has also come up with a special Christmas Mega Safe Brunch (S$138++ per diner) on Christmas Day that serves up a range of Christmas favorites such as the Sage-Butter Roasted Turkey, an indulgent Beef Wellington as well as other sweet treats including the Gingerbread Spiced Trifle and the sinful Christmas Cognac Fruit Pudding. The brunch session also allows for an additional top-up of three hours of free flow champagne with a choice of either brut (S$128++ per diner) or rose (S$148++ per diner) champagne!

Kwee Zeen
Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa
2 Bukit Manis Rd, 099891

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