Crack the Case: Mind Hunter Reinvents The Immersive Theatre Experience With A Mystery Game

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CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Immersive theatre shows adds another element to the theatrics of performances, drawing you into the experience to become part of storyline. Talk about living out the fictional fantasies!

The latest production by Derrick Chew, the producer of Sight Lines Entertainment, combines the escape-room style of games and solving clues and theatre experience by bringing the audience into the story. Put on your detective hats for Crack the Case: Mind Hunter as you join other detective enthusiasts to investigate a serial killer.

In the Mind Hunter House, join the pilot programme to beta-test the Mind Hunter, a device that takes you into the minds of criminals. To crack the case, venture into the house to enter the disturbed mind or alleged psychopath David Menon, who is suspected to have kidnapped three women. Solve clues from his unconscious mind and the other side characters you encounter to save the women!

Blurring the line between fictional and reality, your choices can affect the outcome and ending of the story, which makes this theatre experience even more intriguing. Designed to draw you into the story, Play Director Krish Natarajan wants to “embrace a departure from the traditional confines of theatre etiquette, [and] the audience has full agency to immerse themselves into the mind of a psychopath.” Krish Natarajan is from Strawberries Inc, who created Mind Hunter following their successful experiences like The Curious Case of the Missing Peranakan Treasure, Time Heist and The Secret Life of Har Par Villa.

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While this is a murder mystery theme, there are no horror elements or gore if you are not of a fan of those genres. Tickets are price from S$68++ and you can join as a single participant or as a group. Hardcore mystery fans can opt for a VIP ticket at S$98, which includes a secret pre-show prelude, a meet-the-characters session, access to VIP area and seats, as well as an exclusive take-home prop that doubles up as a mystery solving equipment too.

Crack the Case: Mind Hunter is running from 10 November to 10 December 2023 (every Thursday – Sunday) at The Mind Hunter House. Get your tickets  online 

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