Pacho Flores and Manuel Hernández-Silva Reunites with Singapore Symphony Orchestra For The Asian Premiere of Albares


CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Pacho Flores is known for his incredible trumpeting talent, where he brings out the beauty of the trumpet with flair and ease. The multi-award winning Venezuelan trumpeter will be reuniting again with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra on 6 July 2024, where he will showcase his mastery of the trumpet and debut the Asian premiere of his Flugelhorn Concerto.

It’s Time For Trumpets all night long, as conductor Manuel Hernández-Silva leads the SSO with Pacho Flores through four exciting works by popular South American composers at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Opening the night is Margariteña by Inocente Carreño, where the spacious, sunlit sounds layers the harmonies between the brasses, before moving onto Ib Glindemann’s Trumpet Concerto. Ib Glindemann is easy on ears, but demands a level of mastery and articulation from the instruments, as seen in the extroverted first movement.

Another masterpiece on the programme is The Danzas del Ballet “Estancia”, Opus 8a by Alberto Ginastera, a four piece collection of South American dances that blends the composer’s love for his homeland and Argentinian folk music.

And saving best for the last: look forward to bring one of the first in the region to enjoy Albares, Pacho Flores’ very own Concerto for Flugelhorn. This concerto is Pacho’s second work written for the solo instrument, with three movements that is inspired by Latin dances – bambuco, milong and periquera.

Singapore Symphony Orchestra: Time for Trumpets is happening on 6 July 2024, tickets still available online