Hot! Siam Songkran Music Festival Inagural Edition 2019 ended on a High Note!

Siam Songkran Main

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie
IMAGE: Siam Songkran Music Festival

Water, enthusiastic partygoers and adrenaline-pumping EDM music:These were the components that made the inaugural edition of the first ever Siam Songkran festival in Thailand a resounding success, with four nights of non-stop partying to keep the mood going throughout the weekend of Thailand’s national holiday.

Taking over the previous location of S20 Songkran Music Festival at the open space beside the Show DC mall, the dazzling lights and music thundered through the air and the entire festival grounds. Getting into the grounds however, proved to be anything but a breeze. Despite almost an hour of being squeezing through the crowd, we finally managed to get onto the grounds and were immediately greeted by partygoers that were soaked from top to bottom retreating to rest before the next artist came onto the Siam stage.

Soul Thai

The Soul Thai stage was pieced together with a plethora of speakers and flashing strobe lights, keeping the partygoers spirits up as they danced and raved the night away. There was also a muay thai booth that taught partygoers the basics of self-defense and how to protect themselves if they were ever caught in a situation where clenched fists did more talking than words will ever do.


Upon sighting the Siam stage, the design of the stage itself looked like it was based off stages from Tomorrowland, but with a Thai twist to it- with waterfalls and jet nozzles covering the stage from one end to another, spotlights and five different LED screens that ensured partygoers all over the grounds could see what was going on the main stage, this is indeed one of the best music festival to go to during Songkran.


The night started as revelers waited for the main headliner for each night. Afrojack came out onto the stage during the 2nd night and the atmosphere was filled with anticipation and eventually culminated into an explosive burst of lights, music and expressive dance moves by the partygoers! Playing his own rendition and remixes of classic pop songs (Let’s do it tonight, Titanium to name a few), the Dutch DJ amazed the crowd with well-timed jets of water sprayed into the crowd in line with the beat and drop of the music. The strategic use of spotlights and a traditional fireworks display drew the breath away from the crowd as the light show bedazzled the crowd and made it all the more festive.

Despite the heart-pounding music and the copious amount of activities to do at the music festival, the night was a success due to the atmosphere and the generosity of the partygoers that really demonstrated the hospitality of the people in Thailand! No one crowded around each other to the point that they couldn’t even move around and gave each other ample space to dance- giving everyone the chance to fully enjoy the festivities to dance and sing their heart out! Additionally, there were no arguments or conflicts to be seen at the party- compared to the sporadic arguments and fights seen in other music festivals in other countries. We can’t wait to return to Thailand for next year’s Songkran festival to see what Siam Songkran 2020 will have in store for us!

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