Hot! A Brand New Hair Experience Awaits at the New Beijing 101

Beijing 101 New Logo Reveal

With over four decades of experience in the most holistic hair care experience and being voted as Singapore’s Most Effective Hair Care Centre by Ipsos, the award-winning Beijing 101 has launched its new brand identity as well as its new logo.

The New Beijing 101 Logo
With their repertoire of experiences and international accolades, the brand has evolved to keep up with the current trends to unveil a brand-new look to reach out to more including the younger generation, to share their knowledge and joy in effective hair care while staying true to their core values.

The brand wants to focus on giving the logo a new face with a modern and contemporary feel, reinvigorating the brand’s image and their new message on youth and vitality.

The new BEIJING 101’s logo combines state-of-the-art typeface with a colour code of green to display the spirit of wellness. The new logo is the clearest designation of the brand’s leading position in offering its ever-effective treatments and products focusing on the 101 needs of the hair and scalp.

Storefront Exterior

Beijing 101 Refurbished Interiors
The Hair Care Centre has unveiled a fresh new look at their Funan Mall Outlet. The new outlet presents an enviable interior that has been crafted not just to make an impression, but to also be efficient and practical.

Refraining from incorporating any overbearing design elements, the design focuses on earth tones, rectilinear designs and a detailed lighting plan to bring out the understated atmosphere of true elegance for a calming and soothing environment for all to enjoy.

Beijing 101 at Funan Mall is the first outlet to be furnished with the new brand look and feel. All the other outlets would be gradually replaced with the new corporate identity and interior in time to come.

Shaun Chen Scalp Image

The Award Winning Hair Treatments
Beijing 101’s professional hair specialists, together with certified TCM physicians, work together and craft out customized treatments according to one’s scalp health condition. With the fusion of east meets west combined with the best technology at hand, the brand spares no effort to restore confidence to one, revealing only healthy, shiny hair at its tip-top condition.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, an insufficient blood supply and a lack of “vital energy” can cause hair loss. The effectiveness of BEIJING 101 hair solutions lies in the efficacies and formulation of Chinese herbs for optimum results in strengthening the scalp’s natural ability to grow healthier and stronger hair; and most importantly it treats the roots of the problems.

Shaun Chen

Beijing 101 Signature Meridian Scalp Treatment
The 101 Signature Meridian Scalp Treatment works deep to cleanse the scalp and unclog the follicles of impurities and removes toxins, while addressing the multiple causes of hair loss. Combined with acupressure-point scalp massage, it promotes healthy hair growth and regeneration by removing blood stasis and dilating the blood capillaries of the scalp. The massage also promotes better blood circulation, nourishes the scalp, and activates pilimetrocytes and enhances the activity of melanin cells, resulting in healthier and shiny hair.

The Meridian Scalp Treatment Process

  • The 4 step process begins with a 1-on-1 consultation with the hair care centre’s consultant to analyze your scalp condition followed by the selection of your preffered Meridian Hair Treatment which is tailored according to your preference from the options available ( Overall Well Being, Tension, Stress and Sleeping Disorder), the most popular choice by the many is the Overall Well Being which targets all four given options.
  • The next step would be a scalp detoxification mask treatment is then applied to unclog the pores of any impurities and deep cleansing after that. Scalp strengthening ampoules follow with a relaxing sea salt neck wrap are applied to soothe the senses for about 20 minutes after which you will be lead to wash your hair where the staff will give you a 15 minute relaxing scalp head massage which will make your mind and body relax.
  • The final step would be putting the hair centre’s latest Alpha Hair Beam light therapy helmet onto your head for another 18 mins to increase hair density and encourage vital absorption of nutrients into the roots promoting better blood circulation and improve the regeneration of hair growth.

“I could see visible results and improvements in my oily scalp and clogged pores in just one session!” said Shaun Chen, Mediacorp Artiste and Beijing 101 Ambassador

He added, “I cannot have enough rest and sleep due to my work commitments. Each time I go for my hair treatment, I know I am in good hands. The hair consultant would massage the meridian points on my head which never fail to have a relieving and soothing effect on me.”

Beijing 101 Hair Care Centres is located at:

  • Bedok Mall #B1-55, 311 New Upper Changi Road
  • Causeway Point #05-02A, (near Woodlands MRT)
  • Century Square #04-03, 2 Tampines Central 5
  • Funan Mall #B1-18, 107 North Bridge Road
  • Nex #04-08, 23 Serangoon Central
  • Northpoint City #03-27, 930 Yishun Ave 2
  • JCube #B1-05, 2 Jurong East Central 1

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