Hot! Compass One Dedicaties Entire Month of March to Green Activities in Support of Earth Hour

In support of Earth Hour which falls on 24th March, Compass One dedicates the entire month of March to green campaigns! From 2 – 25 March, shoppers can sign up for recycling and craft workshops, as well as take part in exciting voucher giveaways and lucky draws!

Ms Sharon Tan, Centre General Manager of Compass One, shares the motivation for the mall’s green initiative. “We wanted to go beyond Earth Hour, and dedicate the entire month of March to bring awareness to the shoppers about recycling. This is also the first time we’re rolling out such activities, so we’re very excited about this.”

Earth Hour

Encouraging Recycling
To encourage recycling pre-loved clothes and items, “Don’t Bin It, Bring It Here” is a pre-loved clothes collection drive that encourages shoppers to donate their clothes to a good cause instead of throwing them away. Every day, 5 lucky shoppers who visit the booth to donate at least 5kg of clothes are entitled to a mystery gift daily. (5-11 Mar, 19-25 Mar)

Demonstrate your knowledge of recycling in “Recycle Smart, Recycle Right” and stand to win attractive and useful prizes such as recycling bags and desktop organisers. Shoppers get to participate in the game with a minimum spending of $50 in a single receipt. If the purchases are from Fashion and Accessories retailers (5 – 11 Mar), and Skincare, Cosmetics and Fragrances retailers (19 – 25 Mar), the minimum spend is reduced to $30.

There’s something here for everyone, and at “All The Colours of This World”, kids and adults alike can celebrate Earth’s beauty at this colouring craft workshop. Inculcating appreciation for the environment through simple and enjoyable activities like colouring, especially for the young, is essential for grooming a healthier attitude towards the Earth in the long run. A minimum spending of $10 grants entry to this relaxing workshop. (5-11 Mar, 19-25 Mar)

Soap Materials 1

DIY Workshops: By Your Own Hands
Get creative with the upcycling workshops, and learn how to make your own DIY T-shirt tote bag, homemade lip balm and soap bars! Breathe new life into old, unworn tee-shirts by giving them a new purpose as t-shirt tote bags, and cut plastic bag and paper bag usage while shopping. (5-11 Mar, 19-25 Mar)

Re-purpose old lipsticks that you’ve yet to throw, and learn how to make your own lip balm! Extend the life of these lipsticks by creating into lip balms without using chemicals that are harmful to the environment. (10-11 Mar)

At the DIY Soap workshops, try your hand at creating your own healthy and bio-degradable soap. Common industrial soaps and shower gels contain a variety of fragrances and harsh chemicals that not only harm the environment, they have unhealthy side effects as well. To add a personal and quirky touch to the soaps, bring your own figurines to embed within your handmade soap! (24-25 Mar) With every $30 spent in single same-day receipts, shoppers get to participate in the above workshops.

Through these fun and useful activities, Compass One shares the love for our Earth with shoppers through its environmentally friendly, educational initiative this March.

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