Hot! Enjoy Nature Green Instant Lemongrass Beverage at the Comfort of Your Home!

nature green

San SeSan is proud to bring in NATURE Green Lemongrass Beverage. This is the first time in Singapore that instant and premium Thai lemongrass beverage is available here. Free from caffeine and preservatives, it is made from premium Thai lemongrass — it takes 40kg of fresh lemongrass to yield 1kg of granules! The granules dissolve in cold water well, and this is a drink best served chilled.

Fragrant and invigorating, lemongrass offers many health benefits such as relief from stomach disorders, aches, fever and more. The drink can be served hot or cold, and is a great alternative for soda drinks. NAURE Green Lemongrass is available in three options: no sugar; less sweet; and natural honey.

NATURE Green Lemongrass retails at S$5.90 and is available in RedMart, Shoppe, FairPrice Warehouse Club and TaoKaeNoi Land Official Store Singapore.

SanSesan is the sole distributor for NATURE Green Lemongrass.

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