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Organic Skincare Series

Natural essential oils and personal care products all made in France

Founded by Maurice Mességué in 1958, Mességué has one constant belief – that Nature is Always Right. A company that focuses on herbal and natural formula, its products are free from any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. Their range includes skincare, essential oils, personal care items and more.

Today, Mességué combines herbalism, cosmetic, food supplements and aromatherapy to create products that are natural, high quality, organic and environmentally friendly. The company has always been committed to both environmental and societal involvement, striving to highlight local employment and using sustainable materials. Now sold in more than 600 stores in France, 80 stores in Belgium, and internationally in 12 countries, Mességué promises to always create sustainable professional relationships through diverse distribution networks, and to create products that are personalized and affordable.

Essential Oil & Ceramic Diffuser $480_1

60th Anniversary Promotion Offer
In celebration of Mességué’s 60th anniversary, Simply Nation (Mességué’s main Distributor in Hong Kong) will be launching a promotion in the month of March for their hero products:

⦁ Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Premium Essential Oil Kit Set ($1980, originally $2980) – includes 16 variations of Organic essential oils, organic vegetal oils, special edition wooden box, essential oil guide and roll on bottle.

⦁ Common-4 Essential Oil & Ceramic diffuser ($480) – the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one’s homes, complete with four key essentials to mix and match for different therapeutic effects.

⦁ Free wooden diffuser with purchase over $300 – Turn any home into a cosy haven with this wooden diffuser. Use with your favourite blend of essential oils and enjoy.

Organic Essential Oil Pack_2

Common-4 Organic Essential Oil Pack
100% Pure, Certified Organic Essential oil: Peppermint, Lavender, Tea Tree & Lemon (Edible grade)

For wellness lovers who are new to Mességué or the healing properties of essential oil, the Common-4 Organic Essential Oil Pack is the perfect kit to start with. The selection of four organic essential oils encompasses key healing properties like energizing, relaxing and cleansing. They can be used separately or combined to achieve the desired scents and effects, and the pack makes for a wonderful foundation to an essential oils collection at home.

Peppermint: Used for millennia, it is particularly famous for its toning effects and medicinal properties. Thanks to its fresh and strong notes, peppermint creates an energizing atmosphere that stimulates the spirit. Its sweet smell also helps to relieve headaches and tiredness.

Lavender: Its floral and light note cleanses and soothes the mind. It’s one of the most useful essential oil for different condition like insomnia, stress, burnt and respiratory issues.

Tea Tree: Known to be beneficial in cases of fatigue and viral infections because of its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Lemon: Fresh, sharp and pleasant citrus fragrance. It has antibacterial and antiseptic virtues that aids the digestive and respiratory system, promotes metabolism and lipolysis. It purifies air and also refreshes the mind and clarity of thought.

Organic Day Cream $229 and Organic Night Cream $229

Organic Skincare series
Certified Organic and Natural skincare products that protect and revitalize your skin

Beauty can be achieved through natural and effective means with Mességué’s Organic Skincare series. Developed using recognized, efficient and all-natural active ingredients like lavender, rose water, shea butter and apricot kernel oil, the series has formulas that are not only concentrated but has a light texture and comfortable wear.

Organic Day Cream (HK$229): An essential item to any skincare collection, this day cream protects the skin from average daily harmful factors like oxidation, cold air and drying air-conditioning. It utilizes antiaging and protective properties from Sea Heather®, a patented marine agent prepared from brown seaweeds endemic of the Western Mediterranean.

Organic Night Cream (HK$229): The night cream is designed to be a nourishing treatment that deeply softens the skin with olive oil and shea butter. It not only leaves your skin feeling fresh and light, it restores radiance and protects your skin from aging with active ingredients like rose floral water and green tea extract.

Organic Tonic Lotion (HK$138): The no-rinse toner contains the most powerful and all-natural ingredients like rose floral water and citrus extract to help the skin rebuild its protective hydrolipidic layer. It refreshes and soothes the skin and preps the skin for the next step in your skincare routine.

Organic Eye Serum (HK$168): Give your eyes and the surrounding areas some extra love and care. This eye-contouring serum has a special formulation of natural and nourishing ingredients like shea butter, argan oil and Fucocert that effectively hydrates the skin and gives an anti-aging effect.

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