Modules has released their Clinical Essentials Kit, a simple 3-step skincare routine for all skin types

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Modules, a local digital prescription skincare solution has released their own line of non-prescription skincare. With the Clinical Essentials Kit, you can now fulfil your basic skincare needs using a simple 3-step skincare set that is formulated with clinically proven ingredients. While Modules is well-known for their prescription skincare solutions, the Clinical Essentials Kit is formulated to suit all skin care types, so you can use them safely without needing any consultation with doctors. Designed to be an everyday essentials skincare set, the Clinical Essentials Kit is one to add to your skincare wishlist if you are looking to start your skincare journey, or to simplify your skincare routine.

The Clinical Essentials Kit comprises a set of cleanser, serum and moisturiser. We break down each product of the 3-step kit and what it does for your skin.

1.3% Niacinamide Cleanser

The first step in your essential skincare routine should be cleansing, for both your morning and night routine. The Modules Niacinamide Cleanser contains 3% of niacinamide: This ingredient has been clinically proven to deliver a multitude of benefits. Its key benefit is its anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to calm down all skin types, especially sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema and acne. Niacinamide is also a power ingredient for evening out the skin tone, as it reduces hyperpigmentation and dark spots from sun damage.

The cleanser has a low pH level, which allows your skin to enjoy a gentle yet deep cleanse as it removes sebum without drying out the skin. Overall, with the soothing properties of niacinamide, the cleanser is good for everyday use and is suitable for all skin types.

2.23% Ascorbic Acid Serum

The key ingredient in this serum is ascorbic acid, also well known as Vitamin C. Formulated with a potent level of vitamin C, this serum is a miracle skin saver as it targets various skin needs including brightening, anti-aging and texture improvement. Vitamin C helps to reduce the signs of aging as it helps your skin to regenerate collagen, which restores the elasticity in your skin. Vitamin C is also well-known for its ability to repair signs of sun damage — such as dark spots, uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.

3.16 Amino Acid Moisturiser

Finish off your skincare routine with a nourishing moisturiser. Formulated with 16 different types of amino acids to pamper your skin, the moisturiser is best suited for dry and weak skin. A key ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which delivers intense long-lasting hydration while locking in the goodness of the amino acid complex.

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