Chopard Introduces the 30-piece Happy Sport The First Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition


To commemorate Sincere Fine Watches’ 70th anniversary, Chopard introduces the mesmerizing Happy Sport The First Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition.

Launched in 1993, the original Happy Sport was the first in the industry to feature seven sparkling diamonds dancing animatedly across a white dial. Over the past 30 years, the Chopard Happy Sport has become an international icon in the horology world, embodying the Joie de Vivre and free-spirited attitude that today’s women aspire to, empowering them to conquer their world and realize their aspirations.

With its illustrious history and inspiring message, Sincere is proud to announce the launch of the Happy Sport The First Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition, a limited edition with only 30 pieces produced.


With seven dancing diamonds nestled between two sapphire crystals adorning the dial, the Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition embodies the noble legacy of casual chic style. Introduced by Chopard in 1976, the dancing diamonds of the Happy Sport watch collection have transformed women’s interaction with timepieces: no longer mere timekeepers, they now contemplate the ever-changing choreography of the diamonds swirling around the watch.