Hot! Lee Hwa Jewellery dips into the roaring twenties with a new experiential store concept at Suntec, Singapore


CONTENT: Henry Boen

The beauty of 1920’s lies in their extravagant taste from having financial freedom – the ladies threw away their baggy leg-o-mutton for sleek flapper dresses, jazz music were commercialised, parties were rampant and as portrayed in ‘The Great Gatsby’, there is a fantasy of wealth, high status and living life to the fullest. It’s an understatement that most of us idolise the lifestyle (admit it, there’s always time for a 1920’s theme parties!). So, can anyone actually be mad at Lee Hwa Jewellery for conceptualising a store by the roaring twenties? Not me.

The newly revamped store intends to break away from traditional, often daunting, jewellery shopping experience by introducing experiential pop ups in an open-door store concept. Namely the Jewellery Bar, The Gallery, Playspace and The #JEWELSPACE Workshop – Lee Hwa Jewellery customers will be able to not just interact with the jewellery, but also to have numerous touchpoints that are social media post-worthy.

Jewellery Bar


Presented like delectable desserts, the jewellery pieces are also further enhanced with bright pendant lightings for customers to view the stunning display of solitaire rings at its finest. The beige-toned high chairs provided are casual but also elegant for the space’s activities.

The Gallery


Lee Hwa Jewellery understands the need to eliminate traditional counter top for a more-modernistic touch. At The Gallery, Lee Hwa’s Jewelspace features various themed, vertical glass display walls that help customers navigate their way through different products in their natural eye-level – very much like an art gallery.


Done it for the ‘gram – these installation will be remodeled based on seasonal holidays or other up-and-coming events from Lee Hwa Jewellery. As of now, the installation features Infinity Space, an endless display of cleverly positioned mirrors and lights to imitate a kaleidoscope, and Spotlight, an ebony void pierced through by a single beam that will enhance the jewellery with an unstoppable glistening iridescence.

The #JEWELSPACE Workshop


Decorated with numerous hanging magnifying glasses and pendant lights, the space allows the customer to have a one-to-one with Lee Hwa’s inhouse jewellery designer and to create bespoke pieces for any events required. You can find different types of jewels, ring bases, engraving styles etc to choose from.

Lee Hwa’s Jewelspace is located at: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-317/318, Singapore 038983

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