Hot! Niessing Unveils First Monobrand and Asian Flagship Boutique in Singapore

Store Front

Niessing, one the of the true purveyors of romance and the world’s leading name in contemporary jewellery design, opens its first standalone boutique in Singapore and the largest in Asia.

Conceptualised by Niessing’s German architect and design team, the Scotts Square boutique is an interactive work of art itself – a reflection of the brand’s innovative spirit and inspiration from works of art.

Niessing Perfects the Art of Romance and Sacred Bond of Marriage
More than a retail space with ready-to-wear hand-crafted pieces of treasure, Niessing will, for the first time, offer customers in Singapore its entire suite of wedding bands. Using the interactive screens and ability to customise their designs, the highly trained Niessing team will be able to offer customers a whole suite of services when selecting engagement rings, wedding bands and other jewellery to mark significant milestones.

Product Display

A First and One-of-a-Kind Solitaire Personalisation Service
For the first time, shoppers in Singapore will have access to the Niessing Shine System. Available only at Niessing’s monobrand boutiques, Shine enables couples to personalise their solitaire engagement rings. Each curated design will be entirely shrouded by the couple’s most intimate message of love. To tailor the ring right down to the minutest detail, the customisation offers design selections, such as the shape of the bands, the diamonds range, gold colour selection, texture and even engraving, that will put a smile on the couple’s face each time they see it.

To further mark the opening of the flagship store, Niessing unveils a series of new designs and ground-breaking innovative pieces boasting the finest in craftsmanship and technique.

Niessing Ring® Lucia
The new Niessing Ring® Lucia, an heir of the iconic tension ring, joins power and clarity with the feminine splendour of the Niessing Ring® Heaven. Lucia, which means “she who brings light” boasts a graceful form which intensifies the diamond’s sparkling brilliance. The brilliant design creates an illusion which makes the diamond look like its been carried by a powerful wave – floating effortlessly into the horizon.

Niessing Ring Lucia Classic Red Gold (Flat shot)

Niessing Lotus
The engagement ring, Niessing Lotus, is manufactured from a single bar of precious metal. Using state-of-the-art laser technology, a small crevice is created in the ring band in which the diamond is embedded. Like tendrils, the remarkable outline of the ring curls around the diamond. With the power of a budding flower, Lotus lifts up the diamond. The Lotus is the perfect engagement ring that can be accompanied by the future Niessing Wedding Ring from the bridal set.

Niessing Lotus Rings (Fine Gray Coated, Classic Yellow Gold and Rosewood Gold)

The Niessing Seele (Soul)
The new Niessing Wedding Ring Soul is a delicate and symbol of each unique love story. The delicate central line of gold, which can also be highlighted with a point-set diamond, forms a strong, eternal bond and a highly eloquent symbol of how deeply love affects the life of two people.

Niessing Seele Rings (Fine Gray Coated and Classic Yellow Gold)

Niessing Aura Horizontal
Yet another innovative piece, the Niessing Aura Horizontal, truly pushes the design boundaries. For years, the Niessing designers have tried to create a single aura colour composition flow horizontally across the ring. After ample research and development, the team finally hit the mark.

What makes aura horizontal so special is that all 18 color shades of the alloy can be seen at the same time, like a golden sunrise at the horizon. The most delicate, previously unknown nuances create a special aura and turn Niessing Aura® Horizontal rings into a true work of art and a beautiful symbol of endless love.

Niessing Aura Horizontal Ring (1)

Niessing Solaris
Niessing Solaris is the brand‘s latest innovation in gold alloys which has earned it the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The colour flows smoothly from warm red to delicate peachy shades to vibrant yellow and permeates the entire material, solid through and through. Solaris consists of different individual alloys, which are the result of a method developed specifically for this purpose by Niessing. Solaris touches the soul. The wearer will feel tempted to turn the jewelry around and around – with each twist of the ring, it catches the light giving it a distinct alluring colour of the golden sun.

Niessing Solaris Warm Yellow Fading to Classic Red Rings 2

First Introduced in Singapore by Lee Hwa Jewellery Three Years Ago, Niessing’s Scotts Square Boutique is a Result of Overwhelming Response from the City’s Sophisticated Shoppers in Pursuit of Minimalistic Yet Arresting Designs

Niessing Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sandro Erl, said, “For close to 145 years, Niessing has been pushing the boundary in the world of jewellery design and has excelled in harnessing technology and the finest craftsmanship to produce exceptional pieces. Design, aesthetic and, most importantly, functionality of our pieces has resulted in a loyal following for the brand all over the world. Singapore is a special market for us and a cornerstone for our Asian expansion. This boutique opening is a significant progression of the wonderful relationship we have established with Lee Hwa Jewellery.”

“As Singapore’s leading jeweller, Lee Hwa has introduced us to not only the highly sophisticated shopper base in Singapore, but also to the international jewellery lovers seeking out high quality pieces, which are reflections of their individuality. We are proud of the diverse selection and exclusive services that we will be providing at Scotts Square,” Mr. Erl added.

The New Niessing Monobrand Boutique is located at #01-10, Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228209.

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