Hot! Roger Vivier Fall Winter 2020 Collection

Roger Vivier

An exploration of the senses, Sensorama is what guests will experience for the Fall/Winter 2020 presentation of Roger Vivier.

In a new world imagined by Creative Director Gherardo Felloni, Hotel Vivier transitions from the conceptual to the sensorial. From sight, sound and smell, to taste and touch, Sensorama will give guests a multi-sensory experience while discovering the new collection.

“For me, Sensorama is the idea that sensation can make something click in your brain,” says Felloni. “Sensorama is all about the senses and how these are what connect imagination to the mind.”

A room lined with pink, textured fabric is next, to excite the sense of touch. Here, impressionists dressed as courtesans at the Versailles court are getting ready to host a baroque feast. Finally, taste buds will experience a culinary treat as the sense of taste is awakened by a young chef in the glitter room. The gourmand will create delicious treats that guests can enjoy, with a giant birthday cake that holds a surprise – a glamorous singer who will perform.

Then comes a surprise. The sixth sense is the mystery that awaits guests at Sensorama. In this last room, ghosts and phantoms, which are not usually seen, will be discovered by those who are in tune to their sixth sense.

Aside from the rooms, Sensorama will also introduce new installations, such as a towering pair of legs wearing the Vivier Queen sandals, where guests can have their photos taken, together with characters and actresses who will bring Felloni’s concept to life.

“Choosing actresses is very important for me,” he says. “A talented actress can really explain what is in my mind. Hotel Vivier has always been based on actresses and performers. I need women to show my work.”

Miss Vivier bag

The Fall/Winter 2020 collection is at the heart of Sensorama and, this season, Felloni is highlighting one of the pillars of the Maison – rarity. “I would really like to express the sense of rarity that is a big part of Roger Vivier,” he shares. “You will see the cuissarde boots and custom bags that are all made and embroidered by hand, as the iconic Viv’ Cabas. It’s like haute couture, same as what Monsieur Vivier did, and it will be quite spectacular.”

Belle Vivier Cuissarde

The Belle Vivier Cuissarde – their shoes of the season, take its cue from the cuissarde boots, one of Monsieur Vivier’s signatures that gained worldwide recognition in 1967 when he made a pair for Brigitte Bardot. The Belle Vivier Cuissarde boots are exclusive pieces, each pair handmade by craftsmen – from cutting each leather fringe to carefully placing every feather. Each pair of these rare creations take 12 hours to make. The Belle Vivier Cuissarde collection of unique and spectacular cuissarde boots are embroidered by hand in different combinations of materials, including leather, velvet, feathers, crystals and pearls.

The bag of the season gives the collection a sense of fun, a trait that Felloni is also known for. The Miss Vivier bag comes in graphic tweed, with a houndstooth pattern, and a miniature crystal buckle with a leaf motif. The shoulder strap is studded with small crystals, including the Roger Vivier logo written across the leather band, giving this on-trend accessory that refined Vivier touch.

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