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Guangzhou has become a popular tourist hotspot over the past few years due to its vast malls and markets that provide tourists with a seemingly endless amount of food and shopping options. As more and more travellers visit Guangzhou with each passing year, hotel chains are also expanding into the Chinese market by eyeing tourists from western countries and as well as local residents who have higher spending power and are willing to spend it to experience what the hotels have to offer.

Priding itself on providing the best luxury experience revolving around popular destinations around the world, WorldHotels is focusing towards growing its massive collection of hotels in China to cater to its ever-growing market especially in the Guangzhou region. The hotel chain has over 25 properties in China at the moment and is on track towards celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020. The brand has three distinctive classifications for its hotels: Luxury, Elite and Distinctive that has a specific focus and plays to the property’s strength, prominence and popularity with the locals.

Hotel Deluxe Room Bed

White Swan Hotel: The Ideal Hotel For Couples or Tourists Who Enjoy Sightseeing or Architecture

The White Swan Hotel is an iconic gorgeous five-star resort that is located on the historic and architecturally prominent Shamian Island in Guangzhou that recently completed its three-year renovation back in 2015. Due to this hotel’s location, the drive up the long road to the resort will make guests feel as though they are travelling up a private riviera to their own secluded getaway.

Upon entering the hotel, an eye-catching jade boat in the lobby and a massive three-story high interior waterfall is sure to be a prominent spot for guests to get some instaworthy shots and happens to be the main highlight of the hotel and a popular attraction for the locals to visit. The Chinese initials directly translate to “water from your hometown” and guests usually come to reminisce in quiet contemplation for a few minutes when they are travelling far away from their hometowns.

Once guests are done checking in, they will be blown away by the spacious and well-decorated rooms in the hotel especially with rooms that are positioned facing towards the Pearl River. Imagine laying down on a cosy bed while gazing at a private view of the city skyline as boats laden with LED banners and lights cruise lazily down the Pearl River, that’s an experience that no one will be able to get in Singapore!

Premier Suite Bathtub

Guests are highly advised to book the 60 sqft Club Deluxe Room that is normally situated at the few top floors of the hotel which provides an unobstructed view of the river. Additionally, the room comes with a bathtub for guests to soak in silence while taking in the view of the river or for tourists to unwind and wash their worries away after a long day of walking and shopping! The king-sized beds in the rooms are the very definition of comfort- they are able to sap away any remaining strength that guests have and have them crawling under the sheets and falling asleep with ten minutes flat! The pillows are also interchangeable and can be changed according to the guest’s specific needs if they are hypoallergenic to certain materials in the pillow.

For guests who want to up the ante, they can opt for the Club Premier Suite with features a whopping 90 sq ft of space with a shared living room along with a massive bathtub that is more akin to a private jacuzzi than a bathtub. Additionally, guests who are staying on the 23th-26th floor of the hotel can have exclusive access to the club lounge levels which also happens to be the biggest club lounge in the city complete with a private dining room area, meeting/conference rooms and an antique book club area.

The hotel is also home to one of the most popular Cantonese restaurants in Guangzhou- the Jade River Restaurant is one of the few restaurants in the city to be awarded the prestigious one-star MICHELIN award. The restaurant is well known for its handcrafted dim sum creations, their own brand of chilli sauce made in-house daily and its signature sunflower chicken- of which only 30 are made per day. The restaurant also boasts an enormous private dining room to front row seats of the Pearl River. The hotel is also one of the few properties in the city that has its own private dock and guests are able to rent a yacht or a boat ride out onto the Pearl River to take it in the sights and ride all the way to the Canton Tower for an extreme close-up view of the popular tourist spot, especially when it lights up at night!

The White Swan Hotel is located at 1 Shamian S St, Liwan, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

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The Garden Hotel Guangzhou: The Ultra-Luxurious Landmark Hotel of Guangzhou

One of the most popular and famous hotels in Guangzhou, The Garden Hotel Guangzhou is considered to be one of the city’s landmark hotels due to its extensive history and prime location in Huan Shi Dong- an area that is filled with over 300 restaurants, boutique shops and supermarkets. The hotel was one of the first hotels to open since China’s economic reform and was overseen by former leaders Yang Shangkun and Deng Xiaoping who respectively laid the foundation of the hotel and inscribed the hotel’s name. Since then, the hotel has garnered a reputation for itself by being one of only three exclusive five-star platinum-rated hotels that have to fulfill certain strict criteria to be accredited with the prestigious award. Upon first impression, the hotel is enormous, with 828 recently refurbished guest rooms and suites alongside 150 apartments and offers a whole plethora of services such as the world-renowned Angsana Spa, in-house salon and various fashion outlets that ensure customers will not run out of things to do.

Upon walking into the massive reception area of the hotel, guests will instantly lay their eyes on the largest gold mural in Guangzhou, which describes the classic Chinese novel of the “Dream Of The Red Chamber.” The mural is made up of 200,000 pieces (2kg) of gold and protected by a special organic paint that was specially made for the mural in order to preserve the shine and condition of the mural.

The hotel attributes their success to three key factors: creating a legacy by drawing inspiration from their rich history, connecting with their customers while showing appreciation for their staff and paying homage to mother nature and be responsible for their carbon footprint. To that end, the hotel has invested in a lush front and back garden known as “the Oasis Of The City” that includes an enormous 18-metre high waterfall that provides guests with a picturesque view to ponder over and take pictures with.

executive suite combined

For travellers or businessmen who want to put their feet up and lean back into the lap of luxury during their stay in Guangzhou, they can consider booking the Executive Suite which offers a generous 64 sq ft of space and comes with the usual suite amenities of a welcome snack, living room space and a bathtub. What makes the suite stand out from the other rooms is that the suite is incorporated with traditional decorations of golden symbolic oriental items, to make the whole room feel like a modernised version of a traditional oriental hotel so that it does not look outdated and old for guests staying at the hotel.

For guests who are travelling with their families or on a business trip, they might want to consider booking the Garden Suite (96 sq ft) or Li Nan Suite (192 sq ft) to better suit their needs as the suites are able to accommodate more people in a room and comprises of two bedrooms with massive bathtubs and a communal living room that is perfect for families to gather around and spend some time together after a whole day out at the city or for businessmen to conduct meetings without ever leaving the comfort of their rooms.

Like the epicurean city that it’s based in, guests will have no trouble finding food options at the hotel. The hotel has nine restaurants and cafes under its belt that consists of various international cuisines so that guests will have the luxury of choosing what to eat. Guests will be able to sample endless portions of dim sum and classic Cantonese dishes at the Lai Wan Market Restaurant, while those who prefer an old-fashioned steak can opt for The Connoisseur. However, the most outstanding restaurant out of the nine different establishments is The Carousel Restaurant located at the top floor of the hotel. It is only one out of three revolving restaurants that can be found in Guangzhou and offers a seasonal lunch and dinner buffet for its guests at reasonable prices along with a scenic view of the city and the sunset.

The Garden Hotel Guangzhou is located at Yuexiu, Huan Shi Dong Lu Yan Xian, Huanshi E Rd, Guangdong, Guangzhou, China, 510064

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The LN Garden Hotel Nansha: A Nature Retreat for Families

The LN Garden Hotel Nansha is a newly opened hotel that happens to be the latest addition to the WorldHotels group and is situated in the heart of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Opened in August 2018, the hotel is surrounded by the natural habitats of the Nansha Port area which makes it an ideal coastal destination for a relaxing getaway for travellers who want to get out of the city area. While the hotel looks like an improved version of the Downtown East resort back home, the hotel has been intricately designed by architects from Germany and Croatia to make full use of the space and natural lighting in order to show off the elegantly contoured building design.

Like it’s sister hotel, the LN Garden Hotel Nansha is also aware of its own carbon footprint and has taken steps to be an environmentally friendly hotel by instituting green policies and incorporating the lush forest landscape and serene surroundings with its facilities and services. The LN Garden Hotel Nansha consists of 365 guest rooms and suites that come with a view of the open ocean, lake or the thriving garden below. Although the normal Deluxe Room consists of the normal hotel amenities that can be easily found at many other hotels, many guests usually travel to this hotel with their families and book the Family Friendly Suite that includes a separate room and character-themed bed for children that includes a quaint little inflatable house that they can play in.

Deluxe Room

Another reason why this hotel is a popular destination for families to visit is due to a dedicated kid’s activity centre called YOYO Kids that spans over 1000 sq ft. The activity centre includes a range of hands-on workshops designed for kids, a miniature adventure obstacle course, bowling lanes and a massive ball pit which guarantees hours of fun for any child!

The swimming pool at the hotel is unique as it features an indoor and outdoor section that commemorates on uniting the hotel with the beauty of mother nature. Guests can swim for a few laps in the heated indoor swimming pool before proceeding to swim to the exterior pool with an infinity overlook that appears to merge the pool with the lake.

The hotel also has a popular weekend buffet lunch and dinner that is well known for its fresh and vast array of seafood, freshly made dim sum and beef tendons at the Cafe Flora on the ground floor.

LN Garden Hotel Nansha is located at Nansha Coastal Park, Nansha District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 511458.

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