Hot! Butcher’s Kitchen Launches Singapore’s First-ever Cognac Flaming Beef Bowl

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Calling on all meat lovers and people who made losing weight their New Year’s Resolution, The Butcher’s Kitchen has came up with an elegant solution for your protein cravings: The Butcher’s Flaming Hokkaido Beef Bowl (U.P: S$23.90), a very first-of-its-kind in Singapore. The Butcher’s Kitchen is part of The Butcher’s Group of Companies, one of the largest butcher retailers in Singapore with over 15 years of juicy history. The Butcher’s Kitchen philosophy is that food should not only be delicious but its ingredients should be fresh and of high-quality as well. Meat gourmands can choose to tuck into a wide selection of grass-and grain-fed meats imported from Australia and Japan that can be prepared in various ways. This philosophy has led it to carefully curate its selection of produce from farm and origin. These high quality meats are directly imported and are ensured to be free of antibiotics and steroid-laced food that helps to accelerate the natural fattening of the cattle.

The Butcher's Flaming Hokkaido Beef Bo

The Butcher’s Flaming Hokkaido Beef Bowl showcases thinly sliced, tender and juicy beef imported from Hokkaido. Hokkaido’s climate has reasonably low temperatures throughout the seasons, making the cattle feed very rich in nature, and thus the beef cattle develop more fats naturally. The delectable beef is then topped with The Butcher’s two signature sauces- yoghurt and a special homemade sauce mades with juices and fat from the grilling of the meat and parsley for garnish. Get your cameras ready as the bowl is doused with a Flaming Cognac concoction that imbues the meat with a subtle sweet and floral note that akins to caramel. The Beef is very stringy and tender and nicely seasoned but don’t forget to mix the bowl before you start eating unless you don’t want to experience the full flavour of the dish! The rice is nicely cooked and tastes rather buttery due to the essences of both sauces working together in harmony. The dish is visually stunning so get your phone ready for that instashot!

The Butcher's Pork Bowl

Besides the beef bowl, there are two other non-beef options: The first being The Butcher’s Pork Bowl (U.P: S$12.90). The pork bowl features The Butcher’s very own Thai-style Grilled Pork. The pork is firstly nicely cut into thin strips and is then slow-roasted, a process that allows the meat cooked to a juicy, extremely tender perfection and yet has a soft springy texture. The pork collar used in the bowl comes from top quality free-range Pork from Linley Valley, Western Australia. Additionally, the rice is very well seasoned with Furikake seasoning that gives depth and adds a slight salty flavour to the dish. Don’t forget to dip the pork into the sauce that comes with the bowl for that additional oomph to the pork!

The Butcher's Salmon Bowl

Lastly, The Butcher’s Salmon Bowl (U.P:S$13.90) stars fresh Atlantic salmon, which is farmed in Kvarøy, a tiny island off the coast of central Norway. The Norwegian farm uses an innovative and nutritious fish feed, which has allowed its salmon to earn the “Good Alternative” rating by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch — a rare endorsement for farmed salmon. The fish is lightly seared so that it retains moisture and has a nice crisp to it. Just looking at the salmon, the marbling is visually exceptional and the fish tastes fresh, VERY fresh like it just got fished out of the ocean, literally! The protein is then topped with a wasabi mayo sauce, a creamy and slightly spicy taste that helps to compliment the fish’s distinct flavour- which is very different from the average salmon out there due to its source.

Ultimately, The Butcher’s Kitchen provides its customers high quality meats at a very reasonable price, alongside selling various fresh cuts of meat for their customers to try to cook it for themselves at home. Honestly, i’ve tried a few protein bowls since the concept started trending a few years ago and I have to say that The Butcher’s Kitchen has one of the best bowls out there in terms of flavour. (Although the healthy part of the protein bowl may be a bit lacking).

Luxe Society Rating: 4.5/5

As part of The Butcher’s Kitchen grand opening, their new premium beef bowl dish will be going at 50% off regular price for a limited time for S$11.90 for all bowls from 13 January to 14 February 2018.

The Butcher’s Kitchen is located at: Suntec City, #02-472, Singapore 038989

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