Hot! Enjoy The Dalmore Decadent Digestif Cocktail Competition Award-Winning Cocktail ‘Yolande’ at The Tippling Club this June!

DALMORE-Decadent Digestif Competition-4 (Yolande)

Andrew Loudon, Head Bartender from Tippling Club, has been crowned winner of The Dalmore Decadent Digestif Cocktail Competition, which was organised in the run up to World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019 being hosted in Singapore on 25 June 2019, where the cocktail will be served to the most influential people in the food industry by The Dalmore, official whisky partner.

The competition brought together some of Singapore’s leading bartenders who represent the craft and elevation of the art of cocktail creation to take on the challenge of creating the most decadent digestif using The Dalmore King Alexander III, aptly known as the world’s first single malt whisky that was finished in 6 different casks.


The Most Decadent Digestif: ‘Yolande’
Named ‘Yolande’ after King Alexander III’s second wife, Andrew links an elevated experience and a multi-sensory and interactive cocktail, complemented by the finest and most decadent ingredients infused with elements from the six casks used within the creation of The Dalmore King Alexander III – truffle mousse with madeira; champagne and oloroso gel, and crème fraiche caviar – to complement the well-aged whisky. The tipple comes coupled with a decadent garnish, featuring real Scottish moss and a perfume that Andrew has specially created to replicate a cold Scottish morning out on the highlands.

Other competing bartenders who also served impressive renditions and their take on the most Decadent Digestif using The Dalmore King Alexander III included Kelvin Saquilayan from Manhattan Bar, Danny Dave from The Monarchy, Kanatip Kantiwong from TESS Bar and Kitchen, and Joma Rivera from Zouk Singapore.

They were judged by Lee Sihan, one of World’s 50 Best TasteHunters, Colin Chia, Spirits and Cocktail Specialist and Founding Owner of several bars, and Gibran Baydoun, Director of Operations at 1880, who witnessed and tasted each contender’s boundary-pushing craft that tested their creativity and ingenuity.

Yolande’ will be served at Tippling Club exclusively for the month of June 2019.

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