Hot! Escape To A Christmas Wonderland at Antoinette

This Christmas, Antoinette brings you four brand new Christmas fairy-tale themed cakes as well as new creations of delectable Chocolates, popular castella cake, Macarons and Festive savoury treats such as the Coffee Glazed Ham and Laksa Roast Chicken, created by award-winning Chef Pang Kok Keong. The 2017 Christmas collection is bound to captivate the hearts of many with its magical theme.

Antoinette Christmas Cakes Collection 2017

A Walk in the Forest

A Walk In The Forest
Created as the second episode of the popular dessert Misty Forest by Antoinette, A Walk In The Forest evokes an enchanted feel with red-capped mushrooms, twigs, and trees to complete the look.

Made with grand cru dark chocolate mousse, lemon cream, praline bavarois, praline chocolate crispy, and finally layered with cocoa sponge laced with Grand Marnier, let us take “A Walk In The Forest” and be captivated by the delectable taste and beauty of nature!

Winter is Here

Winter Is Here
Experience the joy of white Christmas at Antoinette with its brand-new “Winter is Here”.

Made with cold brewed white coffee crème mousseline and caramel fleur de sel, the Christmas log cake is enhanced with coffee bean praline crispy and coffee sponge cake splashed with espresso. The winter look is completed with white chocolate shards, sugar snowflakes and sparkles of blue snow.

Snow Globe

Snow Globe
When Winter falls, the Snow Globe is formed, and every one gathers together to celebrate the joy of Christmas!

Filled with light vanilla cream cheese mousse, layered with tangy raspberry marmalade, light passionfruit cream, almond nougatine and finger sponge with kirsch, “Snow Globe” illustrates the sweetness of this festive season and it is the perfect gift of love for friends and families.

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit
Experience the peak of the fairytale with the appearance of “Forbidden Fruit”. Made with green apple mousse, this unique cake is layered with caramelized apple, maple cremeux, green apple jelly and finger sponge, glazed with cocoa butter to tease your palate with a beautiful blend of fruity sweetness.

Antoinette’s Festive Savoury

To celebrate this heartfelt moment, Chef Pang has whipped up two festive staples with a twist, perfect for dining with friends and loved ones at Antoinette.

Coffee Glazed Ham

Coffee Glazed Ham
Savour the brand-new Coffee Glazed Ham (1kg), perfectly infused with the richness of coffee aroma and taste.

Created from scratch, the fresh pork loin is brined for 24 hours before roasted and glazed with Antoinette’s special coffee syrup at every six to seven minutes of interval till the ham is perfectly covered with the richness of coffee. This is a must-try for all coffee lovers!

Laksa Roast Chicken

Laksa Roast Chicken
For those who are huge fans of Singapore’s unique food flavours will be delighted with the latest Laksa Roast Chicken, created lovingly by Chef Pang.

The chicken is marinated and rubbed with a special blend of spices before roasted to perfection, giving a delicious and rich taste of Laksa! Weighing approximately 1.2 kg to 1.3 kg, both dishes are served with pineapple pilaf rice and Achar salad on the side.

The Laksa Roast Chicken is available for both à la carte and pre-order, while the Coffee Glazed Ham is available only for pre-order. Orders are to be made four days in advance before collection, starting from now till 21st December 2017. Kindly contact the restaurant at +65 6293 3121 or +65 6836 9527 for orders.

Antoinette’s Chocolate Collection 2017

Randolf the Squirrel

Randolf The Squirrel
Christmas would not be the same without chocolate! Indulge in the rich chocolaty taste of “Randolf the Squirrel”, sculpted from pure chocolate, and bring back those sweet ‘ol memories on this festive season.

Chocolate Gift Box

Chocolate Gift Box
Be spoilt for choices with the wide variety of delicious chocolate at Antoinette this Christmas. Created lovingly by Chef Pang, the new flavours include Sake Nama Chocolate – soft chocolate cubes with Japanese sake that melt in your mouth, and The Queen’s Salted Egg Yolk Truffle – every one’s favourite salted egg lava truffle enrobed in Valrhona’s grand cru milk chocolate.

Antoinette’s Traditional Collection 2017

Christmas Macarons

Christmas Macarons
An all-time favourite among the guests, Antoinette launches four brand-new and unique Christmas flavours for its macarons! Comes in green and red, the Fruit Cake macaron consists of fruit cake cream, giving a twist to the festive traditions. In brown and orange, the Marronette macaron consists of chestnut cream with orange confit.

An extension from Antoinette’s popular Monotone cake, the Monotone macaron comes in similar charcoal hue and gives a taste of milk chocolate with exotique fruits. Lastly, in brown and white, the Café Blanc Caramel macaron is also an extension from its popular Café Blanc Caramel cake, giving a refreshing taste of white coffee cream with salted caramel.

Festive Cookies

To light up the festive spirits, Antoinette also launches the elegant Cookie Tin with a delectable selection of Antoinette’s favourite confectionery! The range of cookies includes exquisite flavours such as Raspberry Snowball, Meringue Kisses, Croquant, Almond Shortbread, Orange & Chocolate Checkered Cookie and Orange & Hazelnut Shortbread.

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