Singapore Distillery Launches Six Southeast Asian Inspired Gins

Singapore Distillery

Born out of an idea to make great spirits using Asia’s greatest resource of diverse array of herbs and spices, Singapore Distillery began their gin-making journey in 2017, the local team has spent the last three years building their Ang Mo Kio-based distillery and developing their perfectly balanced gins.

Today, Singapore Distillery announces its line-up of six unique gins, joining the booming craft spirits scene in the Lion City.

“Singapore has always been a melting pot of different cultures, each with their own cuisines, and we thought these unique flavours and ingredients would be perfect for incorporating into gins and other spirits,” says Head Distiller Ashwin Sekaran.

There’s more to gin production than botanical selection, however, Ashwin and his team place similar emphasis on the importance of their distillation process. Singapore Distillery’s old-fashioned 500-litre copper still was custom designed for the brand. Made the whisky way, the bulbous head of the copper still helps create the smooth, balanced finish found in each of the gins.

With its launch into the market, Singapore Distillery’s portfolio is currently made up of six signature gins, ( Singa Gin, Coconut Pandan Gin, Lime Garden Gin, Singapore Sling Gin, Stolen Roses Gin and Kyuri Gin) with another new gin variant and two different vodkas in the works.

Each of the six gins is bottled at 42.5% ABV, resulting in a spirit that brings out the best flavour of the botanicals. The gins are each smooth enough to be enjoyed neat, with flavours strong enough to stand up to tonic water or other ingredients in a cocktail.

Singapore Distillery’s gins are available for purchase Online, with each variant available in a 50 ml sample (S$6.90) or full-sized 750 ml bottle (S$69.90).

A sample pack is also available with a 50-ml bottle of each of the six gins (S$35.90). The gins are also available in bars and restaurants across Singapore including Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall, IBHQ, Flying Monkey and Open Farm Community.

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