Hot! The Whisky Trust Group Unveils It’s First Whisky Powerhouse in Singapore

GWC Grande Hall

The 3,600 square feet emporium houses over 4,500 bottles of the world’s rarest and oldest whiskies

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

The Whisky Trust Group has officially opened The Grande Whisky Collection in ION Orchard, Singapore to keep up with the increasing local and widespread demand for whisky which has been gaining ground over the years in Singapore. The whisky powerhouse will showcase a comprehensive collection of Scotch and Japanese whiskies, including two of the most unique and rare whiskies in the world, the Royal Lochnagar 31- year old single cask (only 194 bottles from the cask) and Yamazaki 50-year old single malt.

At the core of The Grande Whisky Collection is a Vault that showcases many of the rarest bottles of various whisky brands, through which visitors can experience the sight, smell and taste of fine whisky.

The Grande Whisky Collection Tour has been specifically designed to cater to every type of customer’s needs and requests, ranging from those who are new to whisky, to experienced aficionados. The tours will be conducted in small groups of no more than ten people, guaranteeing an intimate and personal experience. The tour will begin as guests enter the Vault where they will gain insights and discover the secrets and history of Scotland’s famous whiskies. Visitors will be given the opportunity to view the finest and rarest blends including those from distilleries that have long closed down. They will be given an in-depth understanding on how the wood of the cask influences the colour, taste and quality of the whiskies, as well as the growth of whisky around the world and its success today.

GWC Gift Shop

The Grande Whisky Collection Whisky ambassadors will then explain the whisky making process and talk the guests through the distilleries spread across the map of Scotland, before concluding the tour with the whiskies of Japan. Upon exiting the Vault, visitors will be guided to the Grande Hall overlooking Orchard Road, lined with bottles of whisky stacked six metres high from floor-to-ceiling, where they will have the opportunity to taste a variety of carefully curated whiskies.

The ambassadors will be on hand to guide them through on how to identify the different flavours and scents and set them on a path to developing their own whisky palate. Visitors may then head to The Grande Whisky Collection gift shop which offers a special selection of Scottish and Japanese whiskies and a unique range of gifts and accessories which can be personally engraved on the glasses and bottles.

“The moment you step into The Grande Whisky Collection, you will be transported into the rich and complex world of fine whisky” said Christopher Lee, Director of The Whisky Trust, adding “You will experience a journey from the highlands of Scotland to the distilleries of Japan, tasting, smelling and seeing the whisky-making process, surrounded by some of the rarest, oldest and finest whiskies in the world. In short, we bring this experience to you right here in Singapore”.

Single Cask 31 year old Royal Lochnager

Upon completion of their tour and tasting, visitors may also choose to enter the next-door Saint-Louis House, a prestigious, opulent, and private escape that allows patrons to taste some of their favourite whiskies while enjoying personalised service under Saint-Louis crystal chandeliers specially brought in from France. The Saint-Louis House also offers a range of fine champagnes from the Champagne Bar, and cognacs, as well as fine dining options.

The tours are priced from S$55 nett per person onwards inclusive of a whisky tasting session. The Grande Hall is available for private events and whisky tastings for up to 60 people as well as several private rooms for a more intimate touch. For whisky fans and collectors, this exclusive emporium is not one to be missed, as afficionados will be spoilt for choice over the vast amount of elixirs that are housed in the vault!

The Grande Whisky Collection is located at 2 Orchard Turn, #05-01 ION Orchard, 238801 Singapore. The Grande Whisky Collection is open daily from 11.00am – 8.00pm

For more information, please contact The Grande Whisky Collection at (+65) 8809 0038 or email:

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