Hot! Review: The Phantom Of The Opera Is Still Full Of Passionate Love After All These Years

The Phantom of the Opera

CONTENT: Michelle Ng
IMAGE: Base Entertainment Asia

When it comes to Broadway musicals, The Phantom Of The Opera might just be the most iconic and recognizable musicals to take the stage. Written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Phantom Of The Opera tells the story of passion, love, and jealousy.

And its popularity is evident in the instantly recognizable symbol of the white, half-faced mask, its soundtrack, and the sold out production no matter where the musical tours to. The musical is back in Singapore for the third time, yet all the fans and theatre-goers are flocking to watch it again because it’s that good.

The musical is basically a culmination of the best of the best. The grandeur sets. The magnificent soundtrack. The outstanding cast. The Phantom Of The Opera pays attention to every little detail, down to the little nuances which makes it such an exalted joy to watch every time.

Phantom of the Opera

It’s hard to pin down what we love so much about The Phantom. The score and story is throbbing full of deep, dark passion – or madness, if that’s what you’ll call it – and the unabashedly poignant melodramaticisms of all the characters are amusingly entertaining.

The Singapore cast, headed by Meghan Picerno (Christine Daaé), Jonathan Roxmouth (The Phantom), and Matt Leisy (Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny), are all reminiscent of Victorian-esque era and voices that do justice to Llolyd Webbers’ compelling tunes. Even all the smaller roles are played with gusto as the set reveals it’s wondrous gems with flying chandeliers and swirling staircases.

Even if you’re not a fan of musicals, The Phantom Of The Opera is definitely one to catch at least once in your lifetime.

The Phantom Of The Opera runs at The Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands till 8 June 2019. Tickets from $75, Get your tickets now via or

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