Hot! Moleskine Celebrates Urban Nomadism with their Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

A collection designed to fit seamlessly into contemporary metropolitan lives and dedicated to a year of travelling consciously, Moleskine’s Fall/Winter collection ranges from limited edition notebooks, smart pens, paper tablets and bags, the objects in this collection form an ecosystem created to enhance the expansion of knowledge, creativity and individual expression.

Moleskine_denim bags

Bag Collections: Designed for Urban Exploration.
Moleskine bags are created to be more than just containers: they are designed to inspire and nurture creativity and function symbiotically with a modern nomadic lifestyle, while helping to boost productivity and embracing the freedom to choose where and how we may want to work and play.

A capsule collection in denim-inspired technical fabric was conceived as a celebration of a timeless material whose story is one of exploration, adventure, and self-expression. Essential and functional, with a front pocket on the backpack for instance that is not merely in and of itself an interesting design feature, it is also unexpectedly spacious and as it wraps around the bottom of the bag, it also becomes a structural element which allows the bag to stand upright instead of tipping over as backpacks are wont to do. The bags in this collection allow you to blend with the city and provide you with the equipment you need, as you move through your active life beyond seasons and conventional borders to a place of productivity and imagination.

Moleskine_Super Mario_Limited Edition (1)

Timeless Limited Edition Collections: Astro Boy and Super Mario
Every season, Moleskine introduces a selected number of Limited Edition notebooks, each of which embrace and celebrate the artistry and imagination of figures and characters that have become contemporary pop icons.

Super Mario is undoubtedly one of the most memorable and beloved characters in the world of gaming and over the last decades he has made his mark all over the world, generation after generation and the limited edition dedicated to Super Mario captures the essence of the first game with its pixellated graphics and original cartridges.

Moleskine_Astro Boy_Limited Edition (1)

Astro Boy is yet another character who managed to capture the collective imagination: a little android whose creator Osamu Tezuka gave life to the young anime using innovative pen strokes to create a distinct sense of motion and imbued the anime not only intelligence but the inherent ability to distinguish between good and evil.

Smart Writing System_KV-02

Bridging Analog and Digital Tools, Seamlessly
For a world where people are increasingly highly digitally inclined knowledge workers and creative professionals who navigate between smartphone and notebook with considerable ease, Moleskine has created a bridge between analog and digital worlds with a selection of Smart tools such as the Pen+ Ellipse and Smart notebooks that thanks to a specially designed N-coded paper allows users to move seamlessly between their paper and digital realities helping them capture, develop and share contents- regardless of where they are.

This season, Moleskine will introduce a set of new tools including a pencil case with a slot for re-charging the Pen+ Ellipse and a new Smart planner, the Pro, that will become a complementary part of this growing ecosystem.

The collections will be available in all Moleskine stores ( ION Orchard, Changi Airport T4) and selected authorized retailers ( Tangs Orchard, Takashimaya Men’s Department, The Planet Traveller – Changi Airport Terminal 3, NBC- Raffles City, Kinokuniya-Takashimaya)

For enquiries please call +65 6634 2640 ( ION Orchard Moleskine Outlet)

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