Hot! Breathtaking Views, Chill Beats, & Diego Munoz’s Culinary Creations Await In Bali’s Latest Cliffside Beach Club Paradise

Ulu Cliffhouse

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Most of the beachgoers who are in Bali for a quick getaway tend to stay around the Nusa Dua and Seminyak for their beach clubs and restaurants. But half an hour is the heavenly wonderland for those who are looking to escape the busy beaches. Ulu Cliffhouse in one corner of Uluwatu is one of the newer beach clubs looking to redefine the beach club experience.

The beach club has an open-air restaurant facing panoramic views of the sea, a 25m long infinity pool, and even a staircase down to the beach. Uluwatu used to be popular amongst the serious surfers thanks to its strong waves, but is now becoming a hotspot for those looking for something else. The ocean deck that can only be accessed via a winding stairway down has a small hidden bar where you can revel in the sunset.

Ulu Cliffhouse Breathtaking Pool View

Soak in the sun on sunbeds or lounges as you sip on their refreshing cocktails, feeling like you’re floating in the skies. Tiki cocktails are aplenty on the cocktail menu, which features a mix of fruity creations and old classics. The Twisting My Melon Man is perfect for sharing and Insta-photos, as the vodka or white rum cocktail comes in an actual whole watermelon! Other refreshing cocktails include the Mojito Kelapa, where your classic mojito is mixed with a touch of coconut, and the Jalapeno Margarita, a spicy cocktail to heat things up. Wines and spirits are also on selection, plus a whole range of cold-pressed juices, kombucha, and body tonics for the health-conscious.