Hot! ALT X ELYX Collection: Giving Back to the Community

Shoulder Epaulete

After a sneak preview during Singapore Fashion Week 2016, the ALT x ELYX Copper collection is fully launched in collaboration between ABSOLUT ELYX vodka and ALT. The limited-edition statement jewellery pieces consists of caged-rings, structural cuffs and shoulder epaulets that takes on a bold persona, with angular shapes and a luxurious rose-gold finish, fit for the strong, confident woman.

The unveiling of the ALT x ELYX collection marks an unprecedented collaboration between the two lifestyle brands. ABSOLUT ELYX’s philanthropic efforts in the past have established the brand’s commitment to giving back, with campaigns like “Water for people” seeing the brand advocating social consciousness through retail. Similarly, the ALT x ELYX collaboration was incepted with philanthropy in mind and a bid to raise awareness on upcycling by introducing a creative way to transform discarded materials into beautiful pieces of jewelry.


Each piece from the collection is made with brass material melted down from old bombshells left behind by the Vietnam War, giving it a unique character while serving as declarations of peace and personal strength. The collection’s striking rose-gold finish is also a first for ALT, representing ABSOLUT ELYX’s immaculate craftsmanship and authentic distillation method, with copper stills that date back to 1921 –a distinctive measure that gives the vodka its refined and silky texture.

Cage Ring

Besides upcycling materials, the ALT x ELYX collection also reinforces the brands’ commitment to social responsibility by collaborating with fair trade organisations within Southeast Asia, which recruit local artisans from each country and promote dignified employment within the community. “The collaboration puts creativity at the forefront of a global movement in sustainability to foster a conscious way for us to approach fashion,” said Angie Lai-Tay, creative director and founder of ALT.


A passionate advocate for female empowerment, ALT has selected eight muses whom represent the powerful ethos behind the collection. “Each of the muses that I’ve chosen embodies traits of admirable strength and elegance. They are successful in their own careers with an influence of their own right and most importantly, run a family. As a mother myself, I know how demanding and challenging it is –any woman that makes it look easy must be celebrated,” said Angie Lai-Tay. Among the muses are Tjin Lee, Susanna Kang, Aarika Lee, Charmaine Seah-Ong, Celina Lin, Paige Parker and Lum May Yee.

The ALT x ELYX collection comes in limited sets and is available for purchase through now. Prices start at $59 for cage-rings, $108 for cuffs and $400 onwards for shoulder epaulets.

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