Hot! Enjoy a Hearty Festive Forest Feast this Christmas at The Carvery

CONTENT: Henry Boen

As the year 2018 closes in and the Christmas spirit makes another one of its grand entrance, it’s a sign for us to reap what we have sowed (or at least to treat yourself!) after a year of slaving for the green man. There’s a lot we can or have to do – new fashion hauls for 2019, finishing up and rethinking of New Year resolutions, gifting ideas (we have one just for you!), end-of-year holiday trips, and most importantly – the very well deserved feast! Speaking of feast, the Festive Forest Feast at The Carvery might just be the one you’re looking for you this year.

Inspired by the tropical verdant gardens and botanical tranquility surrounding Park Hotel Alexandra, executive chef Ian Hioe and his team decided on a sumptuous spread of premium meats flavoured with aromatic herbs and spices (note: black truffles) to compliment the chosen theme. Earthy bites such as root vegetables, fresh greens and fruits are also delicately picked to provide an alternate taste to the meat offering.

Here are a few of our favourite:

The Carvery

(Pictured above, bottom-left) Whiskey-Aged US Angus Beef Prime Ribs

Considered to be one of the most flavourful cuts of beef, Chef Ian starts by dry-ageing the meat in-house for 14 days by wrapping it in a cloth that is soaked with bourbon. Once tenderized and aromatic, the prime rib is then slow roasted to perfect medium-rare. Equally juicy and tender, the bourbon adds a nice touch of the alcoholic kick while balancing out the sweetness from the meat. We recommend it with The Carvery’s selection of flavoured butter and fluffy Yorkshire pudding.


Spit-roasted Chicken With Truffle

The star course of every Christmas feast goes to the succulent roast chicken – and The Carvery never fails to deliver the best rotisseries chooks in town. First, the chicken will be pre-soaked with a mix of fresh herbs, carrots, onions, bay leaves and celery for up to 24 hours. Secondly, the prized centerpiece will be slathered with the restaurant’s house made truffle butter, which will impart both the distinct perfume and bold flavour and keep the meat tender. Lastly, the basting process will proceed to ensure even distribution of flavour throughout. The Spit-roasted Chicken with Truffle will also be available for take-away at $45.


Seasonal Goodies At The Coffee Belt

Now, this may not be in the menu, but I feel that no dinner is finished without a little dessert takeaway. Made specifically for the winter season, The Coffee Belt (situated at the hotel lobby level) introduced miniature bite-sized spinoffs of Christmas fruitcakes reminiscence of the traditional rum-infused and full-spiced dessert. The cupcakes (pricing at $4.50/each) will definitely be the perfect companion to a robust coffee or tea, be it at work or home.

The Carvery is located at Level 7, Park Hotel Alexandra 323, Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159972.

For reservations or enquiries please call: +65 6828 8880 or email:

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