Hot! 4 Makeup Must-Haves From Homegrown Brand Liht Organics

Liht Organics

CONTENT: Michelle Ng
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Clean beauty is the trend in beauty and skincare, with every other brand claiming to be organic. Fresh from Singapore is Liht Organics, a homegrown makeup brand by Nerissa Low who experienced the life-changing effects of natural skincare. Liht Organics products are not just makeup, but also has the nourishing properties of skincare thanks to the natural ingredients used.

Liht Organics’ range of high-performing products for the face, lips, cheeks and eyes are formulated with 100% natural ingredients, of which up to 90% are certified organic, with no nano-particles or harmful chemicals. In fact, the makeup is so clean that it’s safe enough to eat. The packaging has also been well thought out, with the pressed products coming in refillable packaging. The beauty brand’s vision is to inspire women (and men) to make conscious decision in health and beauty – which means choosing products that not just doesn’t harm your own skin, but also the environment.

The makeup beauty brand is so impressive that it even caught the eye of the Royal Family Of Bahrain. This partnership has catapulted Liht Organics into the UAE’s beauty aisles as the first organic beauty brand to land on the shelves.

The makeup line is currently very lean with foundation, lips, cheeks and eye products, with carefully shades to be able to create looks that is natural, yet intense and high-performing. Nerissa has shared that there are many other makeup products in the pipeline, like concealer and color correctors, that will be launched progressively.

We managed to get our hands on the bestsellers from Liht Organics, and here are our four must-haves from the collection.

Liht Foundation

1. Dusk To Dawn Liquid Liner
I was the most intrigued by the liquid liner as eyeliner is a must-have in my own beauty routine. According to their description, the eyeliner is intense and smudge-proof. The tip is slightly thicker than I expected with a foam tip. While it took a while to get used to, the intense black color gave my eyes a bold eyeliner look that I loved.

Just like the name says, it lasted from dusk to dawn as I went about my whole day running around the sun. I didn’t have to touch up my eyes at all, and I sweat quite a bit. The only thing I haven’t tested is if it’s waterproof!

2. Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation
Founder Nerissa Low’s favourite product from the range is none other than the Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation, as it makes her skin appear more radiant and feels smoother. The product is not just makeup, but also doubles up as skincare as its infused with aloe and rosemary extract to restore damaged skin. The texture of the liquid foundation is nourishing yet lightweight, so it gives you coverage without damaging it further!

There are 10 shades to choose from, and the right shade will make your skin glow. I’m a personal fan of the dewy, natural look, so I liked how it made my skin feel moisturized even after a whole day of wear. It also brightens up my skin, which can look downcast due to my late nights.

Liht Casing

3. Sheer Radiance Blush
The cheeks are highly prone to acne, which can come from clogged makeup pores. The blush from Liht Organics are said to contain antioxidants, nourishing your skin during application instead of blocking your pores. The new color was a rosy red, bringing out the blush in your cheeks to brighten the complexion. The pigments were very fine, which allowed for gradual color build up on my cheeks. My only gripe was that the fine pigments were a tad too fine, with pigments falling all over the casing after only a few swipes.

I also liked how the blushes come in a refillable compact case as part of their mission to be sustainable, and it can be easily replaced with other shades or even eyeshadows. This would come in handy for travelling as I would only have to get pans and just pick the ones I need on my trip. The blush colors also cater to other skin tones, with a Peach Lily for those who have darker skin tones.

4. Color Intense Liquid Lipstick in Berry Yoghurt
The Berry Yoghurt is a shade of intense red that isn’t too overpowering. Made with coconut oil and shea butter, the liquid lipstick is not drying at all. The finish is a slightly shiny and dewy, giving my lips a super kissable shine. The lipstick also cleans off cleanly, leaving no stains despite the strong color.

Liht Organics is now available for purchase online and at ASTIQUE The Aesthetic Clinic.

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