Moncler x Rimowa “Reflection”

Moncler x Rimowa

Following the debut of the Moncler Rimowa “Reflection” showpiece at the Moncler Genius 2020 show in Milan last February, today both brands join forces to share their collaborative take on contemporary luxury travel.

Moncler Rimowa “Reflection” combines each brand’s engineering expertise and repertoire of technically advanced materials for a striking limited-edition mirrored aluminium suitcase that comes equipped with a collection of exclusive accessories allowing travellers to make a unique statement on their journeys.

Based on the Rimowa Original Cabin, the statement suitcase dials up Rimowa’s iconic aluminum exterior with a lustrous mirrored surface — a finish that at once recalls the lacquered effect of Moncler’s down jackets, and the reflective glaze typical of mountain-ready accessories created to guard against glare. The ultra-polished aluminium exterior is offset by matt black handles and riveted corners for practical handling. Embedded in the grooved exterior is a metal Moncler badge, a seamless meeting of the houses’ iconic motifs. And inside, a silver packing cube set exclusive to the collaboration crafted in Moncler’s signature padded nylon fabric promotes easy packing and organization while on the go. Further bespoke travel accessories include a dark gray luggage tag and belt designed by Moncler.


Alongside the core collaboration luggage piece, a special issue numbered edition will be made available in limited quantities. This particular Moncler Rimowa “Reflection” features an innovative tech-inspired approach to the design prominently displaying an LED screen on the front of the luggage that invites travellers to broadcast their own messages in real-time using a custom Moncler Rimowa “Reflection” app, available for iPhone and Android.

Available in limited quantities worldwide, Moncler Rimowa “Reflection” is now available in Rimowa and Moncler stores worldwide and online 

The special LED numbered edition Moncler Rimowa “Reflection” exclusive to Europe, will be available in December in Moncler stores and at Moncler Website 

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