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The results were announced alongside’s annual Top Companies Award ceremony

Which local companies do Singaporean employees want to work for?, through its annual “Top Companies of the Year” survey, has the answer. They are, in order of ranking, Singapore Airlines; Changi Airport Group; DBS Bank; CapitaLand; and Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd.

In recent years, more and more local companies put in extra efforts to develop and further strengthen their human resource strategies.’s Top 5 Local Companies’ ranking as per below:

  1. Singapore Airlines
  2. Changi Airport Group
  3. DBS Bank
  4. Capitaland
  5. Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd.

Curated from’s annual Top Companies Survey where over 1,200 Singaporeans participated, the above companies were recognised at’s Top Companies Awards 2017 alongside the Top 10 Companies that Singaporeans want to work for:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Apple
  4. Singapore Airlines
  5. Microsoft
  6. Shell
  7. Changi Airport Group
  8. ExxonMobil
  9. Procter & Gamble; DBS Bank
  10. IBM


Facebook moved up two notches from last year’s rankings to second. “The company focuses on the strengths of their employees, based on what they love doing, what they are great at, and what Facebook needs. For instance, a few initiatives are put in place to emphasize work-life integration such as Health@Challenge, “bring your family to work” day and pivot career conversations. The company also encourages flexible work scheduling which lets employees adjust their work hours or days according to their personal priorities whenever reasonable. Its unique Builder culture and management approach also help to push the boundaries for positive change, where employees regularly gather to “hack” problems, create new ideas and continuously improve the products they are building.” says Sarita Peng, Head of Staffing, APAC, Facebook.

As one of the leaders in Singapore’s energy industry, Shell has progressive policies in place to create an inclusive workplace and demonstrate care for its employees and their families. Recognising that every young family has different needs, Shell’s flexi-working scheme provides a range of options (e.g. flexible hours, compressed workweeks, part-time work and job sharing) to help working mothers re-integrate back to work-life after their maternity leave.

“In recent years, we also see more and more local companies put in extra efforts to develop and further strengthen their human resource strategies. Therefore, we are excited to recognise and award top local companies for their efforts to build exemplary workplaces. More than just a job search portal, recognises its role in solving human resource challenges, and wants to help talents find jobs that make them happy. Our insightful surveys and innovative job search systems also help companies review their corporate cultures and streamline their recruitment operations,” says Ms. Chew Siew Mee, Country Sales Manager for Singapore.

Singapore Airlines

How Singapore Airlines became a preferred choice of employer by many Singaporeans came as no surprise. It is the world’s most awarded airline, and the brand is synonymous with excellence. Also, in a Skytrax survey published in 2016, the airline was named the best in Asia. Another organisation of world-class reputation is Changi Airport Group. Singapore’s national pride and joy, Changi Airport was named the world’s best airport at the 2017 World Airport Awards for the fifth time.

“As an employer, we are committed to keep our employees motivated and engaged. We focus on offering opportunities for growth, meaningful work, as well as creating a sense of pride and belonging” says Justina Tan, Managing Director, People, Changi Airport Group.

As Euromoney’s world’s best digital bank and Aon Hewitt’s leading employer in Asia, what truly sets DBS apart is its ability to empower its employees to have fulfilling careers. “We want to create a great workplace where employees feel connected and valued, while progressing in their journey with DBS. Our holistic suite of people initiatives help to equip our staff to be the best, be the change and be the difference that they can be, at every stage of their lives,” says James Loo, Executive Director, Group HR, Talent Acquisition Group, DBS Bank.


Top 3 factors that make companies attractive to talents
According to’s 2016 Job Happiness Index, more than half of Singaporean employees are unhappy at work. Such sentiments eventually lead to short job tenures and high turnover rate. Hence, it is crucial to identify Singaporean candidates’ needs and understand their reasons for joining a company.

The “Top Companies of the Year” survey has gathered insights on the factors that employees consider when choosing a company. They are:

  • Career development opportunities; basic salary;
  • Calibre of management and leadership team;
  • Work environment as well as culture.

Singaporean employees are well educated and discerning, and they want to ensure that as they chart new life milestones, their careers advance as well. They want to feel that their work is impactful and meaningful, and they achieve this by taking on more responsibilities. This is especially true for millennials. With the high costs of living in Singapore, it is understandable that employees want a basic salary commensurate with their qualifications.

Finally, as evident by the success stories of Singapore Airlines, Changi Airport Group and DBS Bank, talents look for strong leadership. They want to work for management teams that can help them soar higher, and they want to be associated with reputable brands.

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