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While many may have welcomed 2019 with cheers and celebrations, many would have also dreaded talking that old dreaded familiar route back to work the following day. While everyone is filled with bliss from the holiday mood, why not have one last break before you literally breakdown from the inevitable stress and overwhelming workload?

To that end, Mandarin Oriental Singapore’s MO BAR has come up with a new afternoon tea menu that is almost reminiscent of a full course meal- albeit in bite-sized forms. Pamper yourself to a seasonal menu with bespoke service, a fantastic open view of the Singapore River and a specially crafted tea made especially for Mandarin Oriental- dubbed the Mandarin Oriental Tea which is sure to invoke the senses and help guests to really kick back before the pastries make it to the table.

Regardless of whichever choice of TWG tea guests choose from the menu, all of the pastries have been especially made to fit and compliment the tea, to ensure that the sweet treats does not overpower the taste of the tea and vice versa.

The menu starts off with Berries-infused Tea Jelly with cinnamon red fruit emulsion, a palate cleanser that helps to get rid of any lingering taste from lunch and helps guests to freshen up before the first set of pastries are served.

Main Courses

The first trio of savoury pastries includes a classic Kueh Pie Tee stuffed with red wine cabbage and wagyu short rib, which was slowly braised for 12 hours to render it tender, a mini cone filled to the brim with lobster and Asian pear and finally charcoal crackers with mint chutney and confit tomatoes. These appetizers are not meant to fill the stomach, rather act as a teaser for the next few courses.

Once the appetizers are dealt with, your servers will begin the process of serving up the main courses: a mixture of protein based pastries that includes an unique Foie Gras Pistachio Lollipop that are sure to blow guests away with their eccentric flavours.

Once the main course is over, get ready for a teaception- yes a course that feels like an actual tea break course inside of a afternoon tea menu. Indulge in freshly baked Ginger Spiced Orange Candied and Madagascar Vanilla scones accompanied by clotted cream and daily freshly homemade jams.


Conclude the mid-day indulgence with remarkable desserts on a two-tier stand presented on handmade plates by a local ceramic studio, Mud Rock for a touch of style. Regardless if guests prefer a classic chocolatey taste or something more milder like a strawberry shortcake, there is something for every guest’s sweet tooth! The desserts include Cinnamon Cherry Chocolate Mousse, Sengana Strawberry Roll, Pecan frangipani Tart and a Chestnut Pain De Genes with Chantilly cream.

Overall, MO Bar’s afternoon tea menu is worth every bang for its buck, with so many different courses and savoury treats that will easily fill anyone’s stomach and fulfill their cravings for delicate sweet treats. So before the year gains momentum, why not indulge in a little tea party and catch up with the latest gossips with your friends or co-workers?

MO Bar’s Afternoon Tea is priced at S$48 per person and S$88 for two persons inclusive of one pot of coffee or TWG tea. SGD 65 per person inclusive of one cocktail or mocktail. SGD 68 per person inclusive of one glass of “R” de Ruinart champagne.

MO Bar is open daily from Afternoon Tea is from Monday to Friday: 3 to 5pm with two seatings for Afternoon Tea during Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 12.30 to 2.30pm and 3 to 5pm.

Mo Bar is located at Mandarin Oriental Singapore, 5 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039797

For restaurant reservations, please email or call +65 6885 3500.

For more information, visit www.mandarinoriental/

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