Hot! Nickeldime Launches Monthly Craft Beer and Food Pairing Menu


CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Known for being the first beer house in Singapore to offer 19 international craft beers on tap, the craft beer powerhouse Nickeldime will be launching its new Craft Beer Pairing menu as a monthly event which will be open for the public from mid-September onwards.

Sourced from boutique breweries spanning different countries such as USA, UK, Japan, Denmark, Germany and Belgium, these seasonal and limited edition brews will ensure beer enthusiasts of something different and exciting on tap with every visit. The tasting menu will include five different types of bar bites or finger food being paired with five different types of craft beer. The food and beers will switch on a monthly basis so as to ensure that regular customers will always get the chance to try something new each month.

Here’s some of what we had:

Scotch Eggs

ND’s Scotch Eggs with Black Kite Golden Ale, Hong Kong
The exterior of the eggs were crisp that revealed a perfectly cooked soft interior that gives off an overall rich flavour with a slightly smoked aftertaste due to the stout brown sauce and bacon.

The ale tasted clean and crisp with a malty and bittersweet aftertaste to it that also helps to refresh the palate. Don’t consume the scotch eggs all at once unless you want to taste nothing but an excessive taste of bitterness lingering from the beer.

 Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce with Fourpure Session IPA, United Kingdom
The Buffalo Wings were rather spicy due to the fermented spice sauce that was used to season them. The spice would eventually evolve and grow into a tobacco kind of burn that lingers on the lips and just stays there until a pint of beer or ice water is used to diffuse the spice.

The Fourpure IPA was specifically paired with this dish to help temper the burn and not take away the focus or flavour away from the wings. However, a large amount of the IPA was needed in order to beat the heat to ensure that the spice did not interfere with the taste of the next course.

 ND’s Burger

ND’s Burger with 8 Wired Tropidelic, Pale Ale, New Zealand
Every part of the burger was homemade, from the buns down to the protein- watch out for your shirt as the patty is rather juicy and its natural jus could squirt out on your shirt. A hearty amount of cheese and bacon can be tasted alongside the meat, just don’t be afraid to use your hands to chow down on the burger!

The 8 Wired Tropidelic is a slightly darker ale that has a sweet scent that is almost akin to lychee, but it does have a rather bitter taste that has to be balanced by the beef which transforms the ale to have a pleasing sweet aftertaste to it.

 New York Pizza

New York Pizza with Stone Idolatrous IPA, United States
A typical New York style pizza with a very generous amount of cheese being used that gives the pizza a robust cheese flavour.

The Stone Idolatrous IPA has strong notes of a grass and rosy scent that has a pine and herbal taste to it. The beer cuts through the taste of the pizza from being too overwhelming cheesy or fatty so that it won’t overcome the palate with its greasy taste.

Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse with Lervig Passion Tang Ale, Norway
A sweet tasting mousse that resembles the looks and taste of a typical Ferrero Rocher chocolate, alberit having a much more softer and sweeter taste and texture to it.

Possibly the best tasting beer out of the five pints that we tasted, the Lervig Passion Tang Ale is sure to be a hit with the ladies due to the fruity sweetness of the ale. The ale is made of tropical fruits that helps to give the beer flavour while balancing the sweetness of the mousse. Although the pairing might sound excessively sweet, the pairing works without leaving an excessive sweet aftertaste in the mouth and instead ends the experience with a mild woody aftertaste.

Nickeldime is located at 275 Thomson Road, #01-01 Regency, Singapore 307645.

Nickeldime is open on Monday to Saturday from 12PM to 2PM, 6PM to 11PM.

For reservations, please call: 6265 5118 or email:

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