Hot! The Butcher’s Kitchen Beefs Up Its Selection with New Wagyu Offerings

Butcher’s flaming dice, Butcher’s flaming dice with truffle, Butcher’s high roller

The restaurant is hosting its first-ever Wagyu Festival with its latest Wagyu creations!

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie
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Well known for it’s high quality, wide range cuts of beef and Singapore’s first-ever flaming Hokkaido beef bowl, The Butcher’s Kitchen has unveiled five new mainstays as part of its brand-new wagyu selections!

The first two items on the menu are The Butcher’s Flaming Dice doused with cognac concoction (S$13.90) and The Butcher’s Flaming Dice with Truffle (S$15.90) For its new offerings, the flaming dice bowls feature charred cubes of Wagyu presented in two different styles au naturel, or infused with aromatic truffle oil. Setting the meat on fire imparts a delectable smoky tinge and helps to burn off the alcohol to add a certain burnt sweetness to the dish! Pair the Wagyu beef cubes with a choice of either rice or their homemade creamy mashed potato, but the mash is highly recommended due to the unique textures and mouth feel one gets from the combination of the mash and protein. What’s unique about the beef they use is that the protein is hormone free and healthier it can be seen in the taste and texture of the beef as the taste of the beef is much more intense and tender compared to other beef bowls out there. For the Flaming Dice With Truffle, there was nothing special about the dish, except that it would appeal to truffle lovers or foodies who simply cannot function without their daily truffle intake.

Wagyu Sausage Bowl

For The Butcher’s High Roller (S$18.90), the meat is infused with whisky for a day; no flaming is done so as to preserve the flavour of the whisky. The meat is more stronger and intense in its flavour due to the whisky infusion, although the meat was not set on fire like the previous two bowls, it is chargrilled to perfection that imbues the beef cubes with the whisky that gives a very pleasing smoky aroma and taste when bitten down on- a definite must order dish on the menu.

The Butcher’s Wagyu Sausage Bowl (S$6.90) features chunks of very good quality sausages perched atop an astounding mound of mashed potato and topped with ragu sauce and cheese that might remind one of the perfect taste and texture of a bowl of delicious marinara meatballs! It is a perfect side dish to order if one is dining with his guest or simply famished to the point that a bowl of diced beef simply isn’t enough to fulfill one’s appetite for good quality meat!

NY Wagyu Steak Sandwich

The NY Wagyu Steak Sandwich (S$18.90) was inspired by the latest Japanese food trend that has taken New York City by storm. The Butcher’s Kitchen coats the meat in breadcrumbs and then fries it to golden-brown perfection. The crispy cutlet is then served on white bread and topped with The Butcher Kitchen’s signature brown sauce. A very rare steak sandwich, the protein itself was delicious but could be hard or awkward to eat due to the vast difference in textures and uber softness of the protein. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty to chow down on the sandwich- it’s the only way to eat it without making the sandwich fall apart.

As part of the restaurant’s first-ever Wagyu Festival, from 20 April to 20 May 2018, with a purchase of any of the above mentioned mains, you get to roll a pair of dices to stand a chance to win attractive prizes on your next visit!

The Butcher’s Kitchen is located at: Suntec City, #02-472, Singapore 038989

The Butcher’s Kitchen is open from Mondays to Fridays from 11am – 3pm and 5pm – 9pm (Last order: 8:30pm; Closed from 3pm to 5pm) and Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 9pm (Last order: 8:30pm)

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