Hot! Capasso: A new sizzling Italian culinary haven and whisky enclave

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CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Nestled right in the heart of Singapore’s bustling business district, Capasso is poised to make its mark on the local culinary landscape. With its unique takes on Italian classics and an extensive selection of Italian wines and whiskies, it’s set to redefine your dining experience. In a bid to break away from traditional stereotypes, Capasso has created an inclusive space where both female and male whisky enthusiasts can unwind with their favorite elixirs.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Capasso’s interior space is a visual masterpiece. Its unique decoration uses a blend of Art Deco elements with art pieces and quiet luxury decorations that include an eye-catching art piece named “Dark Matter” with its contrasting white neon and hand-applied diamond dust on black-out paint.

The interior design aims to strike a harmonious balance between masculinity and femininity, achieved through a careful selection of colors and details. Deep blue velvet, glass, marble, and brass elements exude bold masculinity, while the softness of the velvet curtains represents the gentle touch of femininity.

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The velvet curtains simply separate the restaurant space into two areas, the lounge with a well stocked wine fridge and bar on one side, to the intimate private dining areas and chef’s table in front of the open concept kitchen.

Inspired by his memories of his grandfather, Head Chef Fernando Arévalo (who also happens to run his Colombian restaurant Bacatá) has come up with his own rendition of traditional Italian dishes. His menu stays true to the Italian classics albeit with a contemporary breath of fresh air.

Kick off your Italian culinary journey with a delightful starter, the Pane Della Casa (S$8). This is no ordinary bread as it’s a house-baked sourdough bread enriched with koji, a fermented product born from cooked rice bursting to the crust with umami flavor. With a small application of housemade smoked butter, the soft and fluffy sourdough pairs well with the Acciughe Del Nonno (S$18), a cold dish that combines the sweetness of fresh figs with the briny excellence of Serrats Anchovies from Spain. These large, flavorful anchovies are simply combined with thinly sliced fresh figs and topped with a blend of Champagne vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and vanilla paste that pairs well with the warm bread that makes an enticing combination!

CAPASSO_Nduja e Uni

For pasta lovers, the Pomodoro E Funghi (S$26) and Coniglio Del Nonno (S$34) are safe bets, as the former vegetarian tagliatelle pasta uses three ingredients that are simple but will not fail to impress while the latter incorporates rabbit meat with pappardelle in a rich-slowed braised sauce. For the more adventurous, the Nduja e Uni (S$38) is where spicy Nduja sauce blends together with the rich, salty goodness of salted egg. This unique pairing sits atop a bed of squid ink pasta, offering a bold flavor explosion on the palate that is full of unami!

The Polpettone (S$20) is a crispy Iberico pork meatball with a delightful luscious cheesy surprise hiding inside. Baked to perfection on a bed of homemade San Marzano tomato puree and topped with torched Caciocavallo cheese, it’s finished with a dollop of homemade pesto. This flavourful appetizer is the perfect accompaniment to any main dish and goes well with the Pane Della Casa to mop up any leftover sauce that remains.

Putting his own rendition on an unbeatable classic, Chef Fernando’s Burrata Parmegiana (S$32) is simply made with San Morzano tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil and basil oil. The marriage of creamy textures combined with the richness coming from the cheese balanced out with the tomatoes makes this a must-order on the appetizer menu.

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For those who simply cannot get enough of red meat, the 1.1kg Costata di Manzo (S$198) is a bone-in ribeye that promises a flavorful melt-in-your mouth journey. Cooked in a Josper oven, this cut of meat boasts a smoky barbecue-charred exterior cooked to a perfect medium pink center. The Australian Angus beef, with a marbling score of 4-5, offers a succulent balance of meat and fats. It’s finished with nothing more than a sprinkle of sea salt and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, creating a centrepiece that is perfect for sharing that will pair nicely with a bottle of 2017 Fattoria di Petrognano Meme Riserva (S$22 per glass, S$120 per bottle)

Once dinner is done, head over to the bar section on the other side and be spoilt with the extensive drink offerings that Capasso has to offer! If you’re looking for something light and easy on the stomach, opt for the French Grapefruit 75 (S$25) a prosecco-based cocktail that acts as a light digestif or the Capasso Sour (S$24), the establishment’s take on a conventional whisky sour if you need something a tad stronger to end the night with!

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