Enjoy the Best Flavours of Contemporary Italy with Dolce Vita’s New Ala-Carte Menu!

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Known for its authentic Italian mainstays and providing its guests with an amazing view overlooking Marina Bay, Dolce Vita has launched a refreshed menu with a contemporary spin curated by Chef Niccoló Ferrazzani. Ranging from hearty handcrafted pizzas, freshly made pasta and generous sharing platters, an intimate Italian escapade awaits you and your friends and family at Dolce Vita.

The newest signature antipasti on the menu is the Vitelli Tonnato, which involves slow cooking veal loin with a unique cooking method that ensures the protein is cooked to perfection to retain its tenderness and flavour that blends well with the tuna infusion mayo sauce and parmesan cheese! The addition of with freshly baked focaccia bread helps to add a different texture and lets you mop up any remaining tartare on the plate!

Beef Tenderloin Pizza

One of the newest additions to the menu are three different pizzas each with their own unique flavour profile. The Pizza Tartufo is specially made for vegeterians and topped with a hearty serving of truffles with mascarpone cream that gives off an intense aroma even before the dish is brought to the table. The Pizza Zafferano is a conventional pizza topped off with prosciutto and rocket leaves but with a special infusion of saffron in the dough for an extra boost of flavour and fragrance in the pizza. However, the must-order pizza on the menu has to be the Pizza Filleto Di Manzo, involving slices of Angus beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes and caramelised onions that all blends well together that melts in your mouth for the perfect flavour combination that will satisfy every hunger pang you have and can be shared with your friends or family!


For pasta, the Bottoni is nothing short of a culinary masterpiece that involves ravioli made with black charcoal dough stuffed to the seams with Sicilian marinated red-prawns and placed in a thick flavourful prawn bisque and topped off with caviar- the decadence of this dish cannot be underestimated, as it reminded me of the pastas that one will be able to find in pasta speciality shops in Rome!

The refreshed menu highlights the importance of communal dining with friends and family by shining the spotlight on main courses that are meant to be shared. One of them is the oven-roasted Tomahawk ribeye steak Tagliata, that is served tableside by Chef Niccoló himself- so get your cameras ready to capture the moment! The protein is marinated with wine jus made with a secret beef stock simmered with an assortment of herbs and served with a side of roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes that is more then sufficient to feed a table of four!

Sea Bass

Prepared in thicker cuts from its conventional thinly sliced meat, diners can enjoy the juicy texture of the pan-fried Vitello Alla Milanese, a veal rack that retains its robust flavours without being dried out on the inside, served on a bed of creamy sweet potato purée. Enriched with the smooth, crisp taste of prosecco, the pan-seared sea bass Branzino tasted extremely fresh and was perfectly cooked with a perfect balance of crispy skin and oil coming from the protein itself! The establishment’s interpretation on a quintessential Italian dish is definitely a refreshing take and worth ordering to share with your date or friends.


Complete the Italian experience with a classic Tiramisu, loaded with Marsala cream or have a taste of the traditional rum-based Baba dessert with reimagined flavours that fully brings out the fruity essence of raspberry.

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